Getting to Know: Voyager

Oy. I never know how to handle these. All right, here goes. But let me be clear. This is not my professional bio. That would be HERE, if you were more interested in it. Now then…

Hello, internet! Men call me… VOYAGER. Though… I guess you already knew that. The site’s named after me and all. Still. If that little X-Men references caught your attention then, congratulations, you’re officially aware that I’m a huge dork. Yet, funnily enough, the name isn’t a Star Trek reference. Missed opportunity, that. Anyway, yes. I’m a nerd. A colossal geek. And a pretty big weeb.

Of course, my real name is not anything that cool… or weird, depending on your perspective. It’s Chris. But, seriously, just call me Voyager. I prefer it on the internet. Chris is something I basically only go by to people I know personally or have a professional relationship with. This is really neither of those. But I do wanna get to know you guys! I just always liked the appeal of, on the internet, basically getting to be whoever you want. So, in the magical land of cyberspace, I choose the name you see represented across this very site.

So what is there to know about me? Not much of note. I’m a storyteller. I have been since I was a child, inspired by the likes of Pokemon, Sonic the Hedgehog, and The Iron Giant. Eventually, I took a liking to superhero comics. Fun fact, I have a fully fleshed out superhero universe that I made, starting in the 6th grade and worked on up through high-school. I relaxed on it in college, but it’s sitting there. Waiting to be realized. Maybe I will take another stab at it in the future. But the ideas I have now I just think are way too cool to let sit.

Speaking of college, I have two degrees. One in Creative Writing for Entertainment and one in Entertainment Business. I bring up the former more often than the latter because it’s the more exciting one. It encompassed writing for all sorts of mediums, formats, and demographics. So I’m formally trained in a lot of different styles and whatnot. Though, of course, I have my preferences. Even so, on my main site, I try to use that, on top of my general penchant for media analysis.

I’ve been honing that skillset since long before college, though. Back in the last year, or so, of high school, I started doing video reviews and such in the vein of things like Atop the Fourth Wall and others. I covered movies, comics, etc. But I never had much of a plan for it. I just did it because it was fun and I met some cool people in doing it. I actually kept it up a bit through college, but eventually fell out of it in favor of the project now known simply as… Bulletoon.

And that’s all the stuff that’s truly worthy of mention. Now I continue my work on Bulletoon, occasionally aided by the other Galvanic Team writers and always joined by the wonderful Axus and Mocha – the extremely talented voices of the two characters on the show. I write anime-centered content, for the most part, and work on original projects in-between, such as the upcoming Burning Sky. Anything beyond that is essentially trivia.

Beyond that, there’s not much to me. I work in retail – stocking, specifically. And I’d rather avoid talking about that at all costs. Not just because I don’t want to bore you. But because I don’t want to bore myself. I don’t do a whole lot else.

Hobbies? Well… I play videogames, of course. My big one being Overwatch, at the moment. I’ve gotten every main series Pokemon game to ever come out. And some of the offshoots. I also love the Tales series and my favorite non-Pokemon game of all time is Tales of Symphonia, probably closely followed by Tales of Graces f. The rest I don’t really have placements for. I also play Smash Bros. and a lot of other Nintendo games. As you’ve no doubt figured out, I’m a big superhero fan. And, of course, I watch a lot of anime and read a decent amount of manga. Also looots of YouTube videos. Oh. And I enjoy text-based roleplaying games. It’s where I’ve gotten a great many of what I consider to be my better ideas, actually! But… that’s about all.

So, um… tah-dah! That’s pretty much everything there is to know about me. It’s not a lot, really. It’s like I said. I’m not especially interesting. I don’t do a whole lot that people don’t already see. So… yeah. That’s me. Did I nail it?

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