I figure this is something that needs to be addressed as early as possible. I want to be as forward and open about this project as I can be. So I’ll just start things off by doing a quick round of Q&A. All right? Let’s go.

Q: So what are the Basics?

A: PROJECT ACADEMIA is a web novel. It is a far smaller undertaking than Burning Sky and is still very much in development. It isn’t likely to start coming out until early 2020, after the release of Burning Sky. As to what it’s about, that’s also something I’m actually perfectly content to share, at least in part. In short, it’s about a girl – a High School First Year named Mio – as she drifts through her daily life in a super-advanced city while constantly at war with her own mental health.

Q: Oh, it’s based on your own experiences, then?

A: Yes and no. The idea of Mio, as a character, definitely came about because of the experiences I’ve been dealing with lately. I wanted to create a character that sort of explores what that’s like. The thoughts, the emotions, the struggles and triumphs. At the same time, though, the character is like me only in that we share a similar psychological affliction. Beyond that, we’re quite different. And I think that’ll be rather apparent.

Q: Are you going to be able to keep up with both this and Burning Sky?

A: We’ll see soon enough, won’t we? I’m not particularly worried about it. This is a solo project and a bit more relaxed. I’m not really planning to have a particularly stringent upload schedule on installments. Unless this little series just becomes super popular, or something. That would be cool. In any event, let me be clear. This is not currently a priority. Burning Sky, Bulletoon, and Galvanic Team are priorities. This is a fun side project that I can update at my leisure and hope other people can enjoy along with me.

Q: Will you try to make this into a Light Novel like Burning Sky?

A: I’d love nothing more than to make that a reality. For all of our book projects. Will it happen? Perhaps. Though I wouldn’t count on it happening anytime in the near future. I am, however, planning to include a little artwork. Just not enough to be a full-fledged Light Novel. Mostly just some character and cover art.

Q: Burning Sky is a paid product, right? Are you planning to charge for this, at some point?

A: Not really. Not the version that’ll be seen here, anyway. These chapters are likely to be a little rough and unpolished. Edited for presentability, not necessarily content. If I charge for anything in relation to this, it’ll be collected editions, which would definitely be a lot tighter, receiving a full content edit and everything. That version of the book would indeed be something you pay for and would probably come with at least more artwork than what I’m expecting for the online releases.

Q: Okay, to the chase then. What’s the actual title?

I’unno. Workin’ on it. I’ll post an update at some point once I’ve decided.


I hope that gave you guys a little insight into what this is and what you can expect in the near future. I’m going to keep the conversation around this project a little more open than I’ve done with other projects in the past because I want it to be a bit more casual, for now. But if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate the ask! Thanks for reading.

Keep up the Awesome!

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