A First Foray Into Journaling (11/18/2019)

I… have no idea what I’m doing.

This is going to be my first pass at journaling… pretty much ever. And I’ve been told I should do it daily. Record my thoughts and whatnot. And… well, nothing happened today that really skewed in either direction.

Went to work. Retail’s dull, but at least today it didn’t cause me a debilitating amount of stress. I get along perfectly fine with all but, like, one guy. And he wasn’t there so today was just kind of uneventful but thankfully worry-free. Some mildly irritating things, but nothing I’m exactly at liberty to discuss here. Also getting cut for tomorrow is a conflicting thing. On the one hand – “Yay! Day off!” On the other hand – “But my money, tho.”

After that, I just came home and had a writers’ meeting with Bob. Talked Burning Sky, nerded out over some stuff. That was fun.

Oh. Right. I was expecting my delivery of Pokemon: Sword & Shield today. But because UPS is awful, that never made it to my house. So… you know. That was annoying. I paid for it and everything. Talked to UPS, talked to Gamestop, not really sure what all I’m gonna be able to do about it. I will never understand exactly how it’s so bleeding difficult to read a number on the side of a house and properly match it to the number on a box.

This is… really rambly and aimless. There’s just nothing worthy of note. After the meeting when we felt we accomplished the thing we set out to, I just played Overwatch for a bit, then watched some videos on YouTube.

Actually, on the subject of YouTube, there is something very concerning about that. YouTube’s new policies, in accordance with COPPA are extremely alarming, if I’m understanding them correctly. But this is something that warrants its own, far more detailed post. For now I’m just going to say that I’m more than a little worried about our channel. Because, if this law goes into effect in the horrifically vague state that it’s currently in, Bulletoon may not be able to exist anymore. At least not on YouTube. And it all comes down to a bunch of suits with no idea what content creators do or how pop culture and trends progress to judge our channels as either “Kid Friendly” or not. Anyone who watches Bulletoon knows that the show isn’t really aimed at kids or adults. It’s a fairly neutral show. Unfortunately, the downsides to marking our content as “Kid Friendly” are catastrophically bad. And would hinder our ability to turn the show into anything more than a mere hobby with zero hope of garnering an audience.

For more detail, check out THIS video. It’s really worth learning about and spreading the word. Because this very well could affect your favorite content creators – especially those like us who make content around video games, anime, manga, or anything else bright and colorful that a bunch of out-of-touch old guys might see as “for kids.”

And… that brings me to now, honestly. I don’t have a lot of thoughts going through my head beyond that. So I guess I’m done. Woo. Conquered the first day of this!

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