A Pretty Uneventful Day (11/19/2019)

Am I doing this right? Well, whatever.

Today was pretty much a nothing day. I didn’t have to work, so I mostly just sat around and did some stuff on personal projects. Worked a bit more on the outline of PROJECT ACADEMIA and, after a quick chat with Sharlenne, I’m pretty happy with where that’s wound up.

I’m still majorly concerned about that whole YouTube COPPA situation. But I did sign the Change.org Petition pertaining to it. And I advise anyone else interested in guarding YouTube from this overly intrusive and aggressive policy do the same. If it goes into effect the way it is currently, this would threaten a lot of channels and have a generally negative impact on the platform. It would also ironically de-incentivize “kid-friendly” content based on the consequences of what marking channels/videos as such would be. It would instead encourage a massive push towards exclusively “mature” content. But only in so far as the suits in the FTC consider to be mature. It’s alarming in the extreme and needs to be further looked into before it goes into effect.

Not much else to comment on, today. Certainly nothing that’d top that. And my thoughts have been pretty stable. I slept-in pretty hard. Wasn’t aware I was actually that exhausted. This is nice, all things considered. An actual chance to de-stress is appreciated. Now on to the next day.

4 Comments on “A Pretty Uneventful Day (11/19/2019)

  1. Pete Davison recently shared some posts on Twitter that go over the COPPA stuff pretty well, I don’t think it’s going to be as big of a deal as it seems. At the very least, for 99% of content creators. No use worrying too much about it, and people have pointed out that it’d be nearly impossible for the FTC to go after individual creators anyways, considering many many YouTubers aren’t even Americans.

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    • That is very fair and I haven’t been able to look over everything yet. But the thing that worries me is that I very much am American and it *could* affect me, of course. So that risk is very real. And also that, just based on my current understanding (again, I’d have to look at a little more stuff), even if it’s not used as broadly as they’re suggesting, the current language of the policy exists in such a way that it *could* be maliciously weaponized against people. And if those people are smaller, such as myself, those fines can be life-ruining. I just don’t want something like that to even be a concern, let alone a genuine risk.

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      • Sure, but it’s about data collection of children, which isn’t something you even have control over. All you can choose is whether to designate a video as “for kids” or not, right? And most videos won’t classify as for kids.

        YouTube has been doing far worse than this, with the rampant demonetization and copystriking going on, which are far more concerning. How long till talking about an anime that has guns in it gets demonetized, like actual gun channels? You just never know.


      • Oh, that I totally agree with. But that’s just kinda the thing that’s concerning, I guess. The language that defines what *is* “for kids” is too vague to not be at all concerned. I did look into it a little more and it made me slightly less worried, but the concern is definitely still there.

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