A Chill Day + Should I Do A Tag? (11/21/2019)

Starting to get used to this. Now if I could just remember to post these at a better hour of the day.

Boring Days Are Fine If They Keep Me Mentally Stable

Yeah. Today was pretty altogether chill. Stayed out of my head, for the most part. Work went fine. Granted, the one guy wasn’t there. And I got to actually be kinda useful, which was nice. Well… before getting sent off to do my usual task and spent most of the day on it. Tedious work, but not altogether bad, all things considered. Pretty much stress-free. Though I wasn’t especially worried, regardless.

Got home, had a nice conversation with Yomu regarding some of the stuff I brought up in my last journal. Then I did some more work on original projects with the guys. Figured out one character that’d really been giving me trouble, which is always a good feeling. Capped off the day by playing some videogames. All-in-all, a pretty okay day. Nothing stellar, nothing awful. I’m okay with that, though.

Tags & Awards

I’ve been thinking of doing some tags and such to kick off this blog to a bit more… fanfare? Anyone have any tags they’d recommend? I have one or two in mind already but I’d love knowing if there are any that strike anyone’s fancy, in particular. Or maybe I should try making one? I’ve not done that, but I don’t really know all that goes into it. Maybe as a collaboration of some kind. That could be fun.

Anyway, that’s basically it. One more day of work ahead of me. Then it’s off to the races with a hopefully awesome weekend.

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