Aaah. I Keep Forgetting To Do This (12/6/2019)

I know, I know, I keep dropping the ball. But how is one supposed to journal when they aren’t really… thinking about anything?

Sooo, how was your day?

Um… it was fine, I guess. Long, though. Had a full shift today. So there’s that. Was exhausted when I got home. Decided to take a break and relax a bit. Otherwise, though, work went fine. No real stress or anything. Mostly because my manager barely said five words to me, I’m pretty okay with my coworkers, and my supervisor is fine. I probably complain about it all a lot more than I actually care about it, simply because it’s how my sense of humor has evolved to be in social settings. Finding things that are “wrong” around me and poke fun at them in a smarmy way.

Actually played a few rounds of Overwatch and did shockingly well in Quick Play Classic. Playing Sigma, no less. As evidenced by this tweet:

Yes. I am a nerd. I might edit and post the video of those games later if anyone’s interested. Anyway, saw another fun response to that Geek tag I did a little while ago, this one by Lynn Sheridan. Totally check that out, when you can. Thanks for the signal boost, by the way!

Some pretty exciting stuff happened in the realm of Burning Sky and we’re now that much closer to one of our big release goals. We’ve got a few visual assets together now and we really can’t wait to show you.

Otherwise, not much going on. I’ve now begun writing the first chapter of PROJECT ACADEMIA. So that’s really exciting for me, personally. I’m thinking I’m going to start doing regular update posts on that in some manner, but more on that in a separate post, another time.

So what have you all got planned for the weekend?

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