This One’s On Time! Let’s Talk About Anime (12/7/2019)

I joke, but that first part may as well be screamed from the mountaintops.

“How was your day?”

Eh. Today was pretty cool. Played some games. Did some writing. Made a bunch of posts for the site. Got a bit more work to do. But it’s all good. I’m now basically writing something like 7 or 8 things but I’m taking my time, cycling through each of them. Setting daily goals for each project and moving on to the next. It’s helpful.

Went to see a Christmas concert thing with my dad. I don’t talk with him nearly as often as I’d like. So I’ve been trying to fix that lately, a little at a time. He’s a wise man and a cool dude. Had some nice advice regarding Burning Sky, and all that. Plus my grandmother was in the event, so that was pretty nice. I’m one of those inhuman creatures who likes Christmas music (to a point), so there’s that. Though the event actually had a lot of non-Christmas music too.

Tomorrow’s probably going to be pretty productive, since we’ve got meetings underway. Bulletoon’s been on a bit of a freeze at the moment because I want to get away from working on the show, week-to-week. So we’re going to try to knock out a bunch of scripts at once – as many as we can – than send those out and come back strong in the new year. There might be an episode or two, this month. But I wouldn’t could on it overly much. Maybe just a couple End-of-Year Bullet Lists. Would you guys be interested in that, maybe?

“So what are you going to be watching, now that you’re no longer doing weekly reviews?”

Err… if I’m honest, that’s probably not going to affect my current watch-list. At all. By now I’d be so behind on everything, it’d make more sense to just wait until the season’s over or near over, then binge to current on all the shows I’ve been wanting to get into. I wanna get back to current on Fire Force, though I don’t particularly need to (I’m current in the manga). And I want to get back into Dr. STONE. Wanna finish Kimetsu no Yaiba, for sure. And I’ve fallen behind on Black Clover and Radiant. I likewise intend to keep going with My Hero Academia and We Never Learn.

In terms of additional shows, Cautious Hero looks fun. Maybe Ascendence of a Bookworm? But I’m kinda getting Isekai-ed out, at the moment, so if I pick up any, that’ll be it. Really, this season isn’t looking like anything I want to overly invest in.

Next season isn’t really shaping up to have a lot I want to watch, either. A Certain Scientific Railgun, sure. Isekai Quartet and Quintessential Quintuplets. That aside, though, not much else. Not at a glance, anyway. Kyokou Suiri looks interesting. Somali to Mori no Kamisama could be cute. I love me a good rom-com (romance is one of my favorite genres) so Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei shitemita could be fun. I like the idea of a gaming genre series that doesn’t necessarily leave you trapped in it. So Infinite Dendrogram could be good. And I’ve read the manga for Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. It’s fun and pretty chill, all things considered. But while there are plenty of titles listed, I’m not overly excited about many of them.

Maybe I’ll talk about some stuff here that isn’t exactly “on brand.” I don’t talk about ecchi on the main site, for example, because the main site’s generally supposed to have a pretty generally family-friendly (or, at the very most, PG-13) vibe. That said, I really don’t have any particularly strong opinions about the most obvious appeal those series have. So if I did end up talking about those, I’d likely just wind up completely ignoring that aspect and focus pretty much exclusively on narrative, as I would with anything else. Though part of me doubts if there’s much value in talking about those types of shows when I’m just going to ignore what’s arguably their biggest draw. I dunno. Le’me know if that sounds like something you’d maybe like to see me talk about.

“So what about things you’re already watching?”

I haven’t really watched the most recent episodes yet because I’ve been a bit busy today. I’ll do that tomorrow. But I’ve been enjoying both, if the reviews I have done didn’t make it obvious.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got for today. Gonna do a bit more writing, I think, then turn in. Maybe read some manga before bed. Hope you guys have had an awesome day, yourselves.

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