Time To Set Some Writer Goals (12/9/2019)

All right. It’ll probably technically be up late, but whatever. I wanna get to a point where I can do this daily. So let’s see what I can come up with.

Today was a mixed bag. For the uninitiated, I work a retail job, part time, and my schedule can be… hectic. Today I was supposed to work until around noon. But two of our people called out. One was sick and the other just didn’t feel like it (how very considerate…) so the rest of us got saddled with extra hours. I love getting to work until 3 in the afternoon because someone was lazy. At least I hope the one that was sick (from what I heard, it was actually pretty bad) gets well soon.

And in case you’re wondering, no, it doesn’t mean I get more hours and, therefore, more money. To compensate for the extra time, they gave me a day off that I otherwise wouldn’t have had. So I’m getting exaaactly the same hours and money. It’s just annoying, more so than anything. Because I’d have liked to have more time to do other things today. I had plans, man.

But this is just… a thing that happens. It be like that, sometimes, I guess. I’m just… complaining. Whatever.

The rest of my day went fine. I got home, started up a meeting with the guys, watched some videos on YouTube to wind down, then got some writing done. Actually, that’s where the title for this entry came from. I actually decided I was going to start setting a writing goal. So I’m aiming for 2000 words a day, as I mentioned on Twitter. Now, I have the luxury of being able to split that across multiple different projects, of course. I’ll probably talk more about this in a project update, though. There are a lot of pretty significant things going on, here. And I’d rather save detailed talk about that for a slightly more structured format.

Hope everyone else had a nice start to their week!

6 Comments on “Time To Set Some Writer Goals (12/9/2019)

  1. I found tracking my word count to be one of the most useful things. It really helps you keep going and can show how much you’re achieving.

    Doing that I went from writing 500 words a day to almost 5,000 in a couple of months. It’s definitely incredibly motivating to see it climb like that. Good luck!

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    • Yeah. I used to be in a position where I measured by time, not word count. But given that I currently don’t *have* a surplus of time, that’s not working so much anymore. So setting the goal of word count, it is. Do you use one of those word count apps that measures by session, or do you just use whatever built-in word count function your word processor has?

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      • I use the word count in the word processor, but keep spreadsheets with all the data in.

        I have it broken down by project too, so there’s a count for writing, editing, and blogging. Always trying to keep myself as productive as possible.

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      • I work in analytics in the day job so spreadsheets are like second nature to me. Same with numbers and statistics.

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      • Ah. I would probably be awful at that. I’m actually quite good at math, but… well… I’ll put it this way. Furuhashi, Fumino is my spirit animal when it comes to actually… doing it. I’m also terrible at measurements and metrics, though. So there’s that.

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