I’m Still Awake, So Might As Well (12/10/2019)

Eh. Not much to report.

Today was nice. I got a lot done, but I didn’t really think about a whole lot else. I just focused in on writing, for the most part. Using the new word count goal system I’m working with. And it was actually pretty fruitful. Got some more work done on multiple Burning Sky projects. Also was able to make some progress on that chapter of PROJECT ACADEMIA, after that.

2000 words seems like a good number, for now. Realistically, I’ve written an entire 20+ page short story in a day before. So I’m more than capable of exceeding that. But, for now, I think this is best, given the amount of time I generally have, anyway. Maaaybe push to 3000, but it’s unlikely I’d go over that, for the time being. Being off today helped. And now I’m evidently going to be off tomorrow too so… yaaay. Or something.

Other than that, the new Overwatch Winter Wonderland event dropped today. So that was cool. I played a bit. Looots of terrible games. And none of the ones I won were especially great. Mostly just games that came out to some guy in the lobby popping off at a key moment. I don’t really recall contributing to any of the wins, much. Amusingly, I think I played my best in some of the games I lost. Which is… disheartening, to say the least. A carry, I am not. At least not when playing with randoms.

Anyway, on the subject of writing, I think if I keep this up, I’ll actually wrap up all three current projects in the next day or two. So that’s really exciting. Otherwise, not a whole lot to report. Though I expect I’ll have something cool to show by the end of the week.

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