Where Do You Like To Read Your Web Novels?

The question just kind of occurred to me while thinking about how I was planning to launch our projects.

If you’re an indie author or support indie authors, what platform do you personally like most? Or which do you find most beneficial to both the reader and creator? Particularly for web-novels? Do you prefer the author have their own website on which they post the installments of their story? This, for example, is currently (part of) the plan with PROJECT ACADEMIA. The caveat I can easily point out is that this method generally requires a lot more personal promo since the tools aren’t really built in for you to grow your audience. Or, at least, the tools aren’t entirely there for that.

Do you think there’s some hosting site that does the job better? I hear a lot of people use WattPad. I’ve looked into it, done my research, but I’ve never actually used it, myself. I am interested in learning a bit more about it, though. I’ve also heard about sites like Scribble Hub, Webnovel.com, and Royal Road. But I haven’t looked into any of them any more than what few minutes it took me to scrape together the links for this very post. I am, however, interested in researching as many avenues as possible.

What do you think is the best webnovel platform to get into, both as a reader and a writer? Did I leave any out that you’d recommend? The question isn’t just about anime or manga, so I’m opting not to make this a part of a certain question series. Obviously it can help me make my own decisions, in the future. But, mostly, I’m just curious!

4 Comments on “Where Do You Like To Read Your Web Novels?

  1. Aside from Wattpad, FictionPress and Royal Road, one of my old haunts before WordPress was Honeyfeed. It doesn’t have as much of an audience as some of the other sites do and doesn’t have as many formatting tools, but your story (from what I’ve seen of it) certainly fits the sort of things that are published there. The only problem is that you need to post there consistently and not suddenly try to resurface after a year’s hiatus (like some people do on WP) or else the audience will ignore you.

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    • I getcha. I’ve not heard of that one. I assume when you mention what you’ve seen so far, you’re referring to Burning Sky? I’d have to look into that one too. Not sure what I’d be able to manage in that environment, though. Not with PROJECT ACADEMIA, anyway. Since it’s sort of a side thing. I’ll check it out though! Thanks!


  2. I have no authority or experience in any of this sort of thing, but the way I see it you’d probably want to take advantage of everything you can. Like with our WordPress community, a lot of these platforms have their own communities of people. Makes sense to try and connect with them all if possible.

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