You Haven’t Done A Journal In A While (1/8/2020)

…Yeah. I know.

Honestly, I haven’t done a journal because I’m just boring. I haven’t thought about anything of significance, really. Everything has been writing. That’s it. I go to work at my dead-end job, then I come straight home. If I have the energy to think about anything other than going to sleep, I just plug-in and get to work on writing stuff. That’s… pretty much how my days go. I was off for quite a while, after Christmas… which left a hole in my wallet, but whatever. It’s been fixed. I have nothing to share. I suppose that’s a good thing, in a way. It means my mind didn’t swell with any thoughts negative enough to remember. But I just don’t think on a particularly profound or insightful level. I’m a very simple, straightforward person.

I was made aware of something kinda neat, tho. Bob does DnD and joined some DnD Discord server and, apparently, he was recognized? That’s the first I’ve heard of that happening with us. I don’t really do “communities” much since I’m sure I’d just end up annoying everyone anyway. But that was neat. Honestly, I’m a numbers person and, as far as I know, our traffic isn’t really anything special. So I don’t think I ever would’ve expected that. We hardly get any interaction or engagement that we can see, so I just kind of assumed no one would know who we were if we stepped outside of the circle that is the aniblogging community. It was a nice little pick-me-up. Not that I needed one. It’s been a pretty okay few weeks.

I have… literally nothing else to share, really. I’m not really sure what I’m doing. This blogging thing… I feel like one should be at least remotely interesting in order to keep this up, long-term. Like I said… I’m not. And my thought processes are much too simplistic to say anything of value, so… I guess I’m done? I dunno. I don’t really “feel” anything, right now, so probably best not to force it. How’s everyone else’s week been? How’s the new year treating you?

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