And the Official Title of PROJECT ACADEMIA is…!

Drumroll, please…

As you’re no doubt aware, I’ve been struggling for a dog’s age with the title for PROJECT ACADEMIA. I can’t recall having ever had this level of difficulty with a title before. Typically my titles come easy to me. Burning Sky is named after a major aspect of the world in which the story takes place… the sky is literally on fire. Bulletoon started as a play on the term “Weekly News Bulletin.” Sure, it’s since evolved into its own thing. But I don’t think it’d be wise to go changing the name at this point. Even if the show did change on a fundamental level, the show is basically now synonymous with that title.

Other titles I’ve come up with were just as easy. They were either named after some thematic element of the story (you’ll see), or I was writing a superhero. In which case, the title is the name. I know some team books gave me some trouble, but that’s less because I couldn’t come up with a title and more because all the names I’d come up with were taken.

Then… then there’s this. To be fair, it was my own doing. I had some very specific parameters set in my mind for this title. I wanted it to be a lot of things and eventually came up with a bunch of titles that I wasn’t overwhelmingly pleased with. Then I came up with something that had a nice ring to it. But I still wasn’t certain. Special thanks to JON SPENCER and others over on his Discord server for helping me come to a decision, here.

So. Without further ado, the title of this new series is…


Now for the obvious question of “why?” The impetus behind it was essentially wanting to keep that theme of school present in the title while also making the title about Mio. Because, at its core, the story is Mio’s. For however many characters witness her journey and growth and have theirs alongside her, the story is hers. “But how is this title about her?” Well, if you look back at when I introduced her, Mio is described as a nobody. An overwhelmingly ordinary girl who blends into the background. One of her “nicknames” is Extra. Hence Extracurricular.

There is the possibility of a subtitle being worked in. A few good ideas on that got thrown around in the server. But that’s not 100% decided on yet. There are a few methods to consider. I could name each installment after the arc (or saga), for example. Will I do that? Unknown.

So what’s the next stage for this project? Well, for starters, I’m going to be updating the site’s PROJECT ACADEMIA section. After that I have some assets to work on. I want to get a logo made, as well as a proper cover for the first volume. Maybe one more important character, if I can spare the time and money. Mind you, Burning Sky is fast approaching its official release. So I’ll have to take care of that stuff first.

Just keep an eye out. I do have at least one more update about the story on the way, and soon. In the meantime, thanks for your interest in this project and I look forward to sharing more with you guys.

Later Days!

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