Time for a Writing Progress Report

I’ve been wanting to try handling these writing updates as bulk posts about multiple projects, rather than separating them. So I’ll do a trial here. See how it works out.

Let’s start with the big one.


Our progress on this front is coming along really nicely. As it stands, we have one last short fiction to release, a bit later in the month, before we move on to the next stage. And o’ what an exciting stage that will be. I’m also really interested in seeing how you guys like this last short fiction. It’s a bit of a departure from the first two in several ways.

In terms of the main story, progress is coming along slowly but surely. Having these word-count goals across the team has been helpful and getting things done. The first book is basically done, though we’re going to be going through some final edits soon. We should be able to make that February release if all goes smoothly from here. I wrapped up chapter two of my current project in the series today. It’s going pretty well, honestly.

For the uninitiated, we have two Burning Sky short fiction projects published as well. Both of them can be found on our main site HERE, along with the preamble to the world itself, The Story of Gaea. I won’t likely be posting them on this blog anymore because I actually don’t want to be using this blog for that. As for the book with a tentative February release, I’d like to give you guys a little refresher. So here you go, a quick breakdown of the story’s elements and the official summary of Burning Sky.


Genres: Sci-Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Sub-Genres: Drama, Comedy
Themes: Heroism, Prejudice, War, Religion

Quick Summary

The inaugural tale of Burning Sky follows not one path, but three. Rookie Templar, Ike, has aspirations of being a great hero. But his dreams may come shattering down when his own mistakes get in his way. Then Baldrik, a legendary war hero, seeks to come out of retirement. But that would mean leaving his town vulnerable to the dangers of this wild and twisted world. Finally, Iri is a Djinn – a race of supernatural people with horns – who’s only ever sought to provide a good life for her little sister… by any means necessary. A job worth a hefty payday presents itself to her, but it promises to take her to a place that her kind are not welcome – Etrium, home of the Templars. Follow these three in the events that inevitably lead their paths… to cross.


So the first and most obvious update is that I’ve finally decided on a title. No longer is this PROJECT ACADEMIA. Hence forth, the project will be known as EXTRACURRICULARS. I went over the reasoning in more detail in a separate post you can see HERE.

Other than that, progress on it has actually been pretty slow. I’m still working on the second chapter and I’m… kind of… stuck? I haven’t been in love with what I’ve got so far from a content perspective. I’m not going to start over from scratch or anything. It’s just a first draft, after all. But yeah, that’s been a bit stalled.

I did, however, get a lot of helpful feedback and kind remarks pertaining to the first chapter. Early readers have been a major boon. I’m sure I’ve said this before but I’m not trained to write prose to nearly the same extent that I am to write scripts. So this and Burning Sky are learning experiences for me, as much as they are creative endeavors.

On a closing note, though, I wanted to give you guys a little something extra. So I’ve prepared a simple pitch for you, as well as a quick breakdown!


Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi
Sub-Genres: High School
Themes: Anxiety & Depression, Mental Health, Isolation
Where Will It Be? The story will be published here on this very site, but will also be accessible through Wattpad and may possibly appear on some similar sites.

Quick Summary

Within the futuristic city of Beacon, education is paramount. Everything about this place is designed to prop up the next generation of innovators in science and the arts. It’s a city of savants… and then there’s Morioka, Mio – a painfully average, emotionally stunted First-Year, who somehow got into one of the most elite schools in the city. Also someone who everyone forgets exists and calls “Extra” when they do remember. That is until she meets the most standout person on campus – a vibrant gyaru named Kikuchi, Ragyou.


And that’s all for this brief little update. There are a lot more cool updates on the way soon. Hope you’re excited to see more! In the meantime, thanks for reading, as always.

Keep up the Awesome!

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