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Right… whoops.

Well, kinda. Guess I’ll just go ahead and address this, then. Yep. And I’m gonna start taking advantage of that now, I suppose. The daily journaling thing is just not working out for me. I don’t think about things on profound enough a level at a high enough frequency to warrant it. It’s just boring and not particularly helpful, I feel. I’m still gonna DO the journaling. Just not as a daily thing. For now, let’s just talk about anime.

“So, what did you watch, this week?”

Pretty much just stuff for the TKO, so far. I haven’t had the time to start watching anything else, though I need to get on that soon. Mind you, there’s still more I have to watch for the TKO that hasn’t come out yet. But I’ve watched this week’s episodes of Infinite Dendogram, Isekai Quartet, and Orphen.

And… can we just talk about the thing with Orphen? Because… wow that was a mess. I mean… that was really lame. So unbelievably rushed and… frankly, confusing. Of course, the confusing parts weren’t really the parts you’d expect. But… a certain character’s demise meant… absolutely nothing. Not only did the show hardly do anything to make that scene impactful… at all, but it didn’t even make any sense, based on who apparently killed them. And they went and tried to make it seem like a big deal. It’s a perfect example of one of the many ways not to handle death in your show. Ugh.

On top of that, the main antagonist’s entire motivation was completely glossed over. Hell, the entire resolution to the arc was glossed over. It was bizarre. I understand the original wasn’t like that, so… why? I know it’s technically more accurate to the books that this arc is over and done with earlier, but I’m now kind of getting the impression that this serious should’ve just… been given more time.

Dendogram was… fine. Basically all exposition and setup. And Isekai Quartet was Isekai Quartet.

What’s next for you?

Currently, I still have BOFURI, as well as Hanako-kun and Asteroid in Love to worry about. But as I recently revealed the upcoming Bulletoon event month, I do need to get on the anime I talked about there. Yuki Yuna and Kill la Kill I’ve seen enough times that I don’t need to rewatch them, really. But I really need to rewatch Cardcaptor Sakura. When we covered Clear Card, however long ago that was, I hadn’t rewatched all of the original. So I was barely able to really talk about it outside of the more objective sense. Bob had just rewatched the whole thing because he’s a freak, so we were fine. But yeah. Then there’s Symphogear, which I’ve never seen. Originally that spot was gonna go to Magical Lyrical Nanoha or Precure, but I figured this would be a bit easier and more fun since I could actually do some sort of “Our first time watching this!” type of episode. I’ve seen certain installments of both of the others and generally know what to expect from them, at least.

I’m also watching My Hero Academia and… I dunno. The stuff people are taking issue with isn’t really bothering me. I kinda get where people are coming from, but it just isn’t anything I particularly care about. It’s doing fine. The same heights as season 2? Yeah, no. But still pretty good stuff. Some of the direction is definitely a bit janky. But the actual narrative decisions haven’t bothered me at all.

I’ll be jumping into Black Clover soon, I feel. I just fell off that wagon when I stopped officially covering it. I’m not sure I’ll start covering it again here. But I may throw out some impressions here, at least, as I start getting back into it.

I haven’t started Eizouken yet. I’ll probably just binge it when the season is over or start it once we’ve culled out the first few shows in the TKO, to give me some breathing room. Granted, I’ll probably be too caught up in the magical girl stuff to be bothered with that, right away.

“Reading Anything?”

Honestly, the only things I’m reading with any amount of consistency, right now, are SPY X FAMILY (READ IT), My Dress-Up Darling (READ IT), and Please Don’t Bully Me, Nagatoro. Some others, but those are the biggest ones I’m paying attention to. I jump on those immediately when they update, at least. But I don’t really have anything else I’m all that invested in, right now. I’m much too busy.

What about everyone else? What are you watching and enjoying, this season? Are you reading anything good?

2 Comments on “So This Is An Anime Blog, Right | Anime Voyage

  1. I still need to make some hard decisions about winter 2020’s simulcasts, but I’m currently leaning towards keeping Eizouken, Magia Record, ID: Invaded and Ankoku Hakaishin (A Destructive God Sits Next to Me) alongside BnHA and Iruma-kun from fall. I have a vague worry Ankoku Hakaishin will be too much like Iruma-kun, which is why I haven’t committed yet.

    As for manga, I read some of the Shonen Jump and Manga Plus stuff that pops up from time to time, including Spy x Family, plus occasional tankobon and sample chapters if I can get them. Big series outside it would be ones like Jigokuraku and BnHA: Vigilantes, plus Yoru no Kagi (Sign of the Abyss) came back from a year-long hiatus in the past month.

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