All Right. I Gotta Be Honest Here. (3/1/2020)

I’m gonna level with everyone, here. This past week? Sucked. Suuuper sucked. It was awful. And I hated it. Oh, sure, there were highlights. And I will get to that in another post I’ve got coming up on the main site. But, outside of internet land, beyond this little corner of cyberspace we’ve built for ourselves… this week was nooot jiving with me.

Technically it began last weekend in pretty harmless fashion. In case I’ve not already said as much, I have a very close relationship with my family. They’re a very friendly, loving bunch and I enjoy spending time around them… in moderation. I often regret that I don’t do so more often, but I’m a busy guy who already struggles to make use of what time I do have. Mind you, I’m someone who, frankly, just can’t survive without some time to myself, from one day to the next. I need a little me time for recharging purposes after I spend any amount of time around people. That does include family. And, with that having been said, last weekend we celebrated my grandmother’s birthday… and my aunt’s, actually.

It was a good time, paired with some good food and nice laughs with the fun-loving people in attendance. But. After that event, I was basically mentally boomed. The next day I wanted to do absolutely nothing but rest. Okay. Fair enough. Except… then things got complicated. While I was in the process of editing the recent Pokemon-centric episode of the show, I realized there was an error and had to get a retake. Because of the time difference, however, between myself and that voice actress, I fell asleep before I could get the line. For context, Bulletoon is a show that requires the audio be the first thing edited. So I couldn’t really do anything else until I had it. My fault. A typo in the script led to a misread.

Alas, when it rains, it pours. I wake up the next day and just have too much work to do to complete the edit. At that point we had to get the TKO posted and, oh, we had a Burning Sky meeting shortly beforehand. So there was that. Then the week really hit me. Work. For those not in the know, I’m currently employed as a part-timer. But my schedule is subject to… modification. And this week that whole situation hit me like a freight train. Full days. All of them. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t mind this… if it was expected. It wasn’t. I went to work on Tuesday and discovered that my schedule had been changed while I was there to be a full day. And after that, I’d had it.

I already don’t like my job (it’s a lame retail stocking position that pays… fine? I guess? But I just don’t like it). So suddenly being forced to stay for more time than I’d planned for was not good for my mood. And I carried that exact mood with me until basically Friday. Every day was a full day. And every day, as soon as I got home, I went to sleep. I got absolutely nothing done. I was that exhausted, physically, mentally, and emotionally. That is why the Pokemon episode got delayed for a week. Like I said, there wasn’t going to be an episode this weekend anyway, so it doesn’t affect much. But it’d have been preferable to have that week buffer so I could more readily prepare March of the Magical Girls.

It was, frankly, a miracle that I was able to crank out that episode and the first chapter of Burning Sky, both of which were completed on the day they were posted when they were actually set up to be finished far in advance.

Will this week go better? I certainly hope so. But I’m very much dreading the possibility of the contrary. If nothing else, March of the Magical Girls should start fine. The script for the first episode is ready so I should have everything I need for that in time to put the episode together. And barring a bit of research I have to do for a couple of the other episodes, it shouldn’t be difficult keeping this little event on track. Here’s hoping.

2 Comments on “All Right. I Gotta Be Honest Here. (3/1/2020)

    • I dunno. I feel like a lot of that is mostly just on my not trying hard enough. Though there’s maybe something to be said about how it’s reflective of modern society’s (particularly America’s) insistence on running yourself into the ground to produce results.

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