Why Do You Play A Character On Galvanic?

Ah. Here’s that question.

Well, the reasoning is pretty basic. I’m not someone with a particularly interesting, unique, or profound perspective. I think about storytelling on far too simple and mechanical a level to really produce anything worthwhile that has anything to do with my own personhood. Stories do not “mean” anything to me on an individual level. I also don’t have an especially engaging voice. I’m just blunt and a little snarky. I’m not anywhere near as excitable as I tend to come off, online. And I’m definitely not all that funny without time to prep jokes or people to bounce off of. I’m longwinded and I don’t really know if my enthusiasm comes across in anything I write. Furthermore, my opinions are generally not very… “spicy.” I think the most controversial I have is “I know SAO is probably something I’d call ‘good’ now, but I’m still not likely to watch it because I’d have no fun talking about it and currently have no desire to sit through several arcs worth of the things I know I’d consider ‘bad’ to get to that point in the first place.” In short… I’m boring. Not the content – Me. Specifically the individual writing this.

So in lieu of that particular angle of individual intrigue, I substitute an exaggerated caricature of my base personality, dialing up certain qualities I possess to Eleven. And it’s fun. Especially interacting with EvilBob on that. That said, my “character” tends to fluctuate.

The character I’ve been playing for the past season was basically just an experiment. A test. Because I wanted to get some practice in writing that way. This is entirely because I knew I’d be tweaking Rila’s character pretty soon on Bulletoon to make her a bit punchier. If you’ve been watching the last month’s worth of Bulletoon (unless that was the first time you’ve watched the show), then that should’ve been apparent. I just felt like Riley’s character was a lot more defined than Rila’s. So I wanted to do something about that. And the way I’ve been writing my character was a means for me to test out what I wanted to go for. It was a lot of fun, honestly. But now that the Winter 2020 anime season is over, my own persona on the site (once I get back to posting there) will likely go back to the irritable, snarky version of seasons past.

But yeah. That’s basically it. I play a character because it’s just more entertaining. That site isn’t really about being the most insightful one out there. We throw a few insights in, but the site mostly exists to entertain. And my personality just… isn’t entertaining. That’s all.

I recognize I’ve not been posting here much. I’ve just been really busy with the site and all the big stuff. Bulletoon’s going to be on a month hiatus and I’m not going to be dealing with the Spring 2020 season much, so I’ll have some time to myself. I actually have a ton of drafts I was working on, but I didn’t really feel confident in any of them, at the time. So I didn’t finish them. I’ll get on those and see about posting those during my break.

In the meantime, thanks for reading. Later days.

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