EXTRA as an Audiobook? Maybe. You Guys Like Audiobooks?

I… did forget to do a post yesterday, didn’t I? Whoops.

“Sooo. What Happened?”

Real talk, I was just tired. I did some stuff, hung out with my mom for a lil bit, then basically fell asleep waaay ahead of when I’d meant to. So basically just forgot. Regardless, there’s not much to report between now and then. Our team finally got the bulk of our latest round of outlining just about done, when it comes to Burning Sky. I still have some ordinary writing to do to fix up the Prelude, then I can get back to what I’m actually supposed to be doing. So that’ll be nice.

“And What’s This About An Audiobook?”

Anyway, as the title suggests, I’ve been working on an idea for do EXTRA as an audiobook series on our YouTube eventually. Maybe do the first three chapters as like a trial or something like that. See how our audience likes it. If that’s something you guys think you’d be interested in, do let me know. I’m aware that not everyone always has time to sit down and read a thing. I seldom do. It’s actually why I wish to high heaven I could get audio versions of all the light novels I wanna get into. As I kinda suggested in the music post, I’m not someone who’s good at doing other stuff while listening to things that actually require I follow along. At least, not other cerebral tasks. Physical labor, sure. I listen to audiobooks when doing chores or at work, all the time. But if I’m writing a post or whatever, I’m liable to get all balled up.

In any case, nothing’s set in stone. We’re talking early days. All I’ve even managed to do is throw together a quick audition document for potential narrators. But I figured I’d share that with you guys. Since it’s not like EXTRA will get the full manuscript and printed release treatment – at least not for a long while – I figured something like this would potentially be doable. Thinking semi-regular uploads of individual chapters to the channel a little while after the printed version comes out. Maybe downloadable Mp3 files or putting them on iTunes or something. I dunno. I’m just throwing ideas around. Point is, if you’d like the audiobook treatment, let me know.

“Any Further Updates?”

Sure. Say hi to probably the last major character I’ll be able to introduce for a while – Charlotte.

Name: Charlotte Altair
Nicknames: Charlie (if you have a death wish)
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birthday: September 8
School: East Lumos Academy
Class: 1-C
Student Rank: Rank 1
Cultural Background: English-Australian
Occupation: Student
Home: Beacon City, AU

Not that she’s the last important character or anything, but… money. In any event, the last of this batch of characters, as brought to you by the always excellent MadiBlitz, Charlotte is probably the trickiest of the four characters so far to write. But probably the most rewarding in a narrative sense. Looking forward to when you all get to properly meet her! I’m thinking the first three chapters will drop sometime early next month. Anyone interested in being an early reader, sound off, and I’ll drop the drafts your way. That’s all for now!

Stay safe, Stay healthy, Stay Awesome!

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