What Anime I’m Watching This Season

For anyone who may have been curious.

So I recently talked about what I’m going to be watching, this season, and realized I didn’t do a comprehensive list. I didn’t do one because I generally only do that where it concerns actual coverage. I only tend to do lists like that when I actually intend to properly cover the show in a seasonal context. But the hitch is that I’m not covering anything from this season, personally. EvilBob is, over on the main site. Specifically he’s dealing with Tower of God, My Next Life as a Villainess, and Kaguya-sama. Though he’s keeping his eye on some other things as well, which I’m likewise doing. That said, I’m not not watching anything, this season. I’m just not really doing it consistently. So let’s take a look at everything I’m watching, right now, new and old.


Kaguya-sam: Love is War (Season 2)

Figured I’d get this one out of the way first since I already did a mini-review of the first two episodes. I adored the first season and this one is right back to the shenanigans I loved so much about it. The great visuals and sharp humor just keep bringing me back. That on top of such charming characters and… ugh. Just so good.

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom

I haven’t actually started watching this yet because I’ve just been suuuper busy. But I am going to quickly burn through those first three (possibly four, by the time I get around to it) episodes, then watch the show regularly. It’s actually one I’ve really been looking forward to, ever since I heard it was getting an anime. I was actually interested in checking out the Light Novels/Manga at first, then learned about this. Where it concerns anime, I tend to use it as a taste test for a manga or L/N. See what all the fuss is about and if I wanna be bothered with it since reading just takes more of my time and I have to be sure I’m wasting as little time as possible. I’ve got stuff to do. This is one of those situations. Everything I’ve seen of it, so far, has told me I’m going to enjoy the anime. So I’m looking forward to actually watching it. Then maybe reading the rest of the series from there.

Binging Later (Current Season)

Tower of God (maybe)

Pure caution keeps this from being an immediate watch. The more people recommend I do things, the more wary I get. And I’ve gotten a looot of recommendations. The part that makes me cautious is that none of them are telling me why they recommend it. And no one answers me when I ask them if they think it’ll suit my tastes. The last time I just trusted it, I wound up watching something I very much loathed. The fact that no one seems able to tell me why they think I’d like it is just concerning. And I’m not a “try everything. you never know” kind of person. Time is our most valuable commodity and energy our most precious resource. I’d prefer to waste as little of either as possible. So I’m gonna wait. If Bob OKs it, then I’ll plug it into a weekend binge. Otherwise I already wasn’t honestly curious enough about it to just… give it a go. And all these blind recommendations have made me actively cautious, which doesn’t help.

Gleipnir (maybe)

Eeeeeh. This kinda runs contrary to what I said about My Next Life as a Villainess because I did actually read the manga of this first. Not much of it, mind you. Only the first few chapters. And I did noooot like it. It was just uncomfortable. It came off as mean-spirited and brutal. None of which are things I particularly like at the forefront of my stories. I mind neither of those things as part of the greater macrocosm of a story. But they were a little too front-and-center for my liking. I mean… I like the lead girl’s design? I guess? I got nothin’ else for ya, really. The concept doesn’t even really interest me all that much. I don’t remember why I read it other than purely being bored one night. Maybe trying to check out stuff beyond my typical range and it didn’t gel with me, or something. I’ll try to binge through it when it’s done, or maybe at the halfway point. And if it still gives me that vibe, then eeeeh… I gotta check out.


…It’s Trigger. I love SSSS.Gridman. I love Little Witch Academia. One of my favorite anime period is Kill la Kill. When trigger is allowed to just do Trigger things, I generally love them. So I’m all over this one… or would be. But Netflix. And yes, I know that they currently have a lot of the episodes. But I’m going to wait for them to have all of them because if I actually like it, I don’t wanna be stopped cold in the middle of the show. So yeah. Can’t wait.

Tsugu Tsugumomo

I liked the first season. I checked out the manga and… oh me, oh my, I have no idea how they intend to adapt all of it. This goes from a fairly light ecchi to MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE in a hurry. So that one’s got me pretty perplexed. Even so, I didn’t dislike what I read. Not all of it, anyway. I’ve said as much before, but I’m generally not really into ecchi. The sex appeal doesn’t really jive with me. Not that I find it “problematic” (though sometimes it definitely is), so much as I just find it distracting, more often than not. Often times it’s played for cheap laughs in a style of humor that I just don’t find it funny at all, therefore making the scene awkward, rather than funny. Or it’s entirely superfluous to the scene in question and is purely there to stimulate my sex drive which, if I’m watching a full series with a narrative, that is not what I’m watching it for. All things in moderation, being my point. Generally, if I watch an ecchi, I’m watching despite its ecchi tendencies, not because of them. Again, it’s not me saying ecchi is “bad.” It just ain’t my jam, usually. Tsugumomo is one of those rare exceptions, so I’m looking forward to another season. I just need to rewatch the first season.

Shin Sakura Taisen The Animation

This one’s got a bit of history to it. The short version is that the one Sakura Wars game to come to America – Sakura Wars: So Long My Love was a favorite of mine, at the time. It’s super goofy and cheesy and just plain dumb, but I loved it. Still play it on occasion, actually. A new game’s coming out and I’mma play it! But since they decided to make another anime to promote it or whatever, why not check it out? …when I get some free time. I’m not really in a rush with this one since I do intend to play the game. That’s all.

Binging Later (Prior Seasons)

Black Clover

I genuinely like this show now, but I fell off the horse. I haven’t watched an episode since, like… 90. So I’ve got some catching up to do. Honestly, I expected there to be at least a brief hiatus. I think that was my issue – expecting some kind of break. I got burnt on the show, right when it was reaching its first real climax. In any event, I’mma work on getting caught up over the next couple months. Maybe just an episode a day (barring days where I just can’t, for whatever reason). Maybe a little summary of my thoughts on the episodes I watched, that week. Sound like an idea?


I’m rather leery about this. It comes from my “I was nagged to watch this” list, but my understanding is that it’s super dark and gory or whatever? I’m… not really looking forward to that. I have a pretty weak overall constitution, so… yeah.


I have yet to find a psychological crime drama style series I’ve liked. This one’s older and slipped by me, but yeah. I’m not the most optimistic. The premise doesn’t really jump out as anything all that interesting. But I guess we’ll see. Also part of the “Nag List,” by the way.

Princess Principal

Not from the Nag List, though it was in the same RNG pool as the others. That pool really liked Ps, apparently. Anyway, it was one I missed when it aired because of the streaming rights, at the time. But now I can watch it, so I’m gonna.


No Game No Life

Basically just rewatching this ol’ boy for Bulletoon. I’m 4 or so episodes in, I believe. I’m actually gonna burn through the last two thirds over the weekend.

Flip Flappers

This is one of those shows I do occasionally rewatch, just for the heck of it. But this time it’s for Bulletoon. I haven’t really decided on a topic yet. I just know I wanna talk about the show somehow. It’ll likely be one of the last episodes we do among next season’s list of 8 episodes.


Already mentioned this one, but yeah. Basically on here because the new season’s out and it’s been a while since I watched the first one. So I want a refresher.

And there ya go. Everything I’m going to be watching over this season… maybe. I might’ve missed a thing, here or there. And some of those shows are conditional, entirely subject to being either dropped or not watched at all, for a laundry list of reasons. But “it be like that, sometime.” What’s everyone else watching, this season? I’m dying to know… yeah, you thought I was gonna say it, didn’tcha? Well, joke’s on you. I know how to control myself. All right, that’s all from yours truly, for now. Stay safe, Stay healthy, Stay Awesome!


3 Comments on “What Anime I’m Watching This Season

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  2. Basically, I had to craft my list this season around these categories:

    Hit by COVID-19 delays: Fugou Keiji, Appare Ranman, Idolish7 s2

    Uncertain: Fruits Basket s2, Arte, Kitsutsuki Tantei Dokoro, Wave

    Safe from delays: Bakarina, Yesterday wo Utatte (the rumour mill says so, at least)

    Outside that, due to the lockdown I’m going to get real ambitious here: 1) finish the original CCS (maybe finish Clear Card, if I feel up for more), 2) start and finish Kochoki for Chibi Tamago, 3) take another stab at Symphogear (because the director of that is also directing the Hypnosis Mic anime which is meant to start in summer) and 4) finish s1 of Muhyo and Roji’s Supernatural Bureau of Investigation (s2 also slated for summer).

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