Writing Update (6/14/2020)

Why not? Let’s check in on our progress, so far, shall we?

Burning Sky

I don’t have a whole lot of exciting new stuff to report. We’re in a good spot, right now. Where we feel pretty comfortable with most of what we’ve got so far. The situation with COVID did kinda derail some of our progress on the aesthetic front and completely walled our con plans. But aside from that, we’re on track. The prologue book just has one chapter and an epilogue left to go before it’s done. Then there’ll be a bit of a break while we get the rest of the stories ready to start coming out. Some of them are a lot further along than others. Hell, at last count I believe we’ve actually finished three of the books and several others are a good ways through completion. With the new format of breaking the chapters into smaller, more digestible episodes, there’s no real reason we can’t adopt a weekly format. I just finished one episode the other day and I’m already starting another one. On any day where I really focus in, I can honestly knock one or two out in a single session. That is, of course, without getting into proofing and all that.

I think that’s kind of the direction we’re going to be trending for a while. Getting everyone to do these little skeleton drafts, then passing them to me to add the meat to those bones. Treat it almost like an assembly line. It might actually be pretty efficient, that way. We’ll see. But for now, we’re in a really good spot, and I’m looking forward to when we can start releasing episodes. There will be some time between the completion of Burning Sky Prelude and the release of the other 9 series (time we’ll be using to get artwork made, for the most part), but by then I think we’ll be set.


I’m actually working a bit on EXTRA, today. Since it’s a passion project, what I’ve been trying to do is work on it over the weekends. That way it’s separate from all the other stuff I have to do. I just work it in between editing on Bulletoon, or whatever. I’m actually really excited to be back into the thick of writing this one. I just tapped an artist to work with me on the series, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with it. It’s always an awesome feeling, as a writer, seeing someone with expertise in a visual art actually bring your words to life. I can think of few sensations I enjoy more than getting back artwork on a character I’ve made. It’ll be a few weeks before I can actually place any orders (gotta wait a few paychecks), but when the time comes, I can officially begin rolling this thing out! I’m still not entirely decided on where I want to publish it, aside from here on my own site. I’ve been looking at some places. Of course, I’d want to be publishing it on a place that will allow me to post the story elsewhere, rather than expecting exclusivity. I’ll continue with my research, I guess. Anyway, I’m in a pretty good mood, which is ironically kinda detrimental to writing this series, given the mood that led to it existing in the first place. But c’est la vie.


I love this show. So much. But it can be so difficult to do, at times. It’s mostly an issue of trying to get the footage I need. To be fair, I had the same problems back in the day, when I did movie reviews. Comics were a lot easier (though apparently manga is going to be an issue because reasons). Regardless, I was able to find the footage I needed at basically the last possible second for the next episode. So now I can write the script. I was preparing to do a sort of “filler” episode in its place if I couldn’t get what I needed. And I’ll still do that episode, just because I want to. It’s a video game thing. Should be fun. As for the next episode, I did actually just post the teaser for it yesterday. So if you haven’t already seen what the next episode of the show is going to be, enjoy:

Closing Time

And that’s about it. Nothing groundbreaking. Honestly I can’t even say I’m sure I haven’t already talked about some of that stuff. But I haven’t done a proper writing update in a while. So this was a nice return to form. I’ll try to do regular ones. At least in place of standard journals when I’m unable to think of anything for those. Technically I could’ve done one, the other day, but it would’ve been nothing but “Oh god, my legs. They hurt so much. Why must I stand this entire time and why would you schedule us for an 8 hour shift on the first day back, you insufferable person?” Wouldn’t have been very interesting, or offered much insight into my mind’s inner workings. Oh well. Cheers!

Keep up the Awesome!

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