Writer’s Journal – Meeting Day!

Today was pretty eventful. Not so much in writing, but in other areas, both related and unrelated. So let’s review.


I’ve got the plan set up for the next article I’ll be writing on the site. Should be a pretty fun one. Elsewise, I got another of EvilBob’s posts up, so show him some love, Star Wars fans.


Nothing to report. This was my only movement here for today.


Nothing today, alas. But I was home for most of the day so I’m just getting the chance to sit down at my computer to type this up. I may get an episode or two of something in before I decide to go to bed.


This was a really good day for the show. The new episode on Kumagawa Misogi aired on the channel and it’s so far been an instant hit. The Day-1 views, likes, and comments obliterated our usual numbers. And if the trend holds, then the episode will hopefully become another of our most popular. I’m not really expecting it go get as big as the original Medaka Box episode, but becoming another relatively big one would be a lot of fun. Aside from the joy I felt at people appreciating the hard work that went into the episode, I’ve already started working on the teaser for Season 5. As per usual, it’ll include snippets of 4 of the anime we intend to cover across the next 8 episodes. Look forward to it! Or, I should say… Stay Toon’d!


I’m in the process of evaluating some things pertaining to how I want to write the story, but I definitely want to get some writing in on this over the weekend.

Burning Sky: Dawnbringer

No new movements because of the meeting. I don’t typically work on Burning Sky stories on the weekends unless the muse strikes me. But today… I am tired.

Burning Sky: Senshi

See above.

Team Meeting

So, as I said, my team and I conduct staff meetings on Mondays and Fridays. Uuuunfortunately, for reasons I didn’t feel the need to ask about, Sharlenne was unable to make it. Which is kind of a hit because, of the three of us, her feedback tends to be the more analytical and insightful. Kind of the benefit of the pair is that she reads like a peer and Bob reads like a fan. The two opposite perspectives are helpful in weeding out what are actually problems in the style, the storytelling, etc. Without both of them present, the feedback from the meetings tends to be only half complete. The feedback I got today on the previous finished bits I did was nice and confirmed, for me, that an average fan would certainly not have a problem grasping anything I was doing. That’s certainly valuable. So now I think I can at least feel comfortable moving onto the next episodes and, when Sharlenne can turn up again, I can get her input and see if there’s anything worth making edits to.

And that’s the game! Or… well… the update. Speaking of updates, I mentioned that I was taking a sort of demi-holiday (Not going anywhere. It’s just a physical change of scenery) over the course of the next two weeks. If I’m correct, I should actually have a pretty huge update coming up somewhere in that time. This time actually about EXTRACURRICULAR! Look forward to that! And thanks for reading, as always.

Stay safe, Stay healthy, Stay awesome!

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