Writer’s Journal – Finally, Progress

Had to take off yesterday for a few reasons, but I’m back with a bit to report!


Today I managed to get that post done that I was talking about! I know I said it was probably going to be on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and I still have that post in the pipeline, but I decided to put a freeze on that one for a moment so I could instead talk about Deca-Dence! (Spoiler for later, by the way). I didn’t really delve into the specifics of the series, or anything. It was more a post about the phenomena of audience expectation and how it can be a real thorn, both ways.


Nothing to report. I just don’t have any ideas for more personal editorial type posts. And no major updates ready, just yet. Though we’re getting pretty close to one.


So as I just spoiled, a couple sections ago, I started watching Deca-Dence. So far it’s fine. Nothing amazing, but I’m only two episodes in. The whole bait-and-switch didn’t really do anything for me. I didn’t find it all that surprising. But, as I’ve said, I barely find anything surprising anymore, regardless. And perhaps because of the sheer volume of shock-jock writing tactics I’ve had to endure from the American Comic Book scene for years, now, I just don’t respond to it particularly well. Or at least not very strongly. If I’m surprised in a way that doesn’t feel forced and actually adds to the storytelling experience, then yeah. That’s nice and all. But I’m not exactly prone to care, one way or the other about the surprise, itself. I got into it a bit in the post on the site, though, so feel free to check that out!


Technically the post on the site was a Bulletoon post, just part of the new Bulletoon Extra series I do, from time to time. Otherwise the show’s taking a little hiatus while I get Season 5 ready. I’m probably going to slap together a quick script, some time in the next few days for the teaser. Then I’ll grab the clips I need to start working on the visual component of said teaser.


At last! Some progress! I put in some work on this last night as well, but didn’t hit my usual goal. Generally speaking, I make sure to try and get 500 words on on each of my projects, every working day. I got about 300 in last night and went a little over the goal together, so now have around 800 total in the latest chapter segment. I like how the story’s shaking out, so far. It’s a story I really want to take my time with and nail, largely because of the source of its creation. It’s really the first time a story I’ve written has ever been motivated by anything going on in my actual life, so I want to make sure I’m capturing the sensations properly while also providing a compelling narrative. It’s a lot different from my normal approach of “Write what’s fun and add find the meaning as the characters and scenarios evolve.” I’m not generally one to try to “say” things with my writing, as I’ve discussed. It just isn’t how I operate. I prefer to just take broad ideas and explore them. But I want this to be kinda special for me.

Burning Sky: Dawnbringer

I haven’t written anything new here, just yet. However, I actually plan on jumping over to this just as soon as I wrap up this post. I have nothing else to really do tonight, so… yeah.

Burning Sky: Senshi

See above.

And there you have it. My progress after a day of no updates. Not so bad, right? Thanks for reading, as always.

Stay safe, Stay healthy, Stay awesome!

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