Writer’s Journal – Whoops

Ah. I forgot yesterday’s. My mistake.


As we all know, I only really post once (sometimes twice) a week on the site, right now, while I’m busy working on everything else. That’ll likely change in a few months, but I didn’t post anything after the one I just did on Deca-Dence.


Nothing to report. For now.


I wasn’t able to watch any more Deca-Dence over the past two days. Yesterday was a Meeting day, as I said. Didn’t have the time. And today I just fell asleep after getting home from work, so I had to rush on some writing.


Nothing here either. Not technically. Though with some of the requests on the back of that last episode, I’m considering retooling half of the upcoming season. So I might not be as ready to drop that teaser as I thought. Oh well.


I haven’t put any new words into this since the weekend, but I’m pretty sure I’m certain of how the rest of the current chapter is going to play out and I can’t wait to get into it a bit.

Burning Sky: Dawnbringer

I got started on the next chapter of Dawnbringer today. And so far I am really enjoying it. This is really just a fun cluster of chapters to be working on. A lot of really spicy character work and amusing dialogue to play with. On another note, I randomly got the bug to do some character work, so I wound up expanding on a character that’s going to show up a bit later in Dawnbringer. Should be fun when they show up.

Burning Sky: Senshi

Similarly, just got started with the latest chapter of Senshi. Wasn’t able to complete my wordcount on it for today (hooray for having to get up early for a job I despise…) but it’s gonna be one fiery chapter. Lots of bombastic action and fun back-and-forths, for sure.

Team Meeting (Yesterday)

Yesterday’s meeting went over incredibly well. We were all present for a significant portion of it, so we managed to go over a lot of what we couldn’t on Monday. After going over those things with them, I felt pretty confident with where I left the most recent chapters. We also did a lot of work with fleshing out some characters. One of the biggest issues I was personally having with our work was that a lot of our villains and antagonists just weren’t hitting the mark. We had plenty of good ones, but most of them didn’t show up until later, leaving a lot of the earlier ones as just… forgettable. And some of them were just cartoonish. I’m personally going to go through and edit all the books anyway to fix the latter part of that problem, but I think a lot of the work we did in the time we had helped us really nail some of those pesky antagonists we were having issues with. It’s nice feeling accomplished.

And that’s about it. Yeah, this technically came out after midnight, thus making it two days delayed, but it’s still yesterday on the west coast, so woo. Still made it. Thanks, as always, for reading!

Stay safe, Stay healthy, Stay awesome!

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