Writer’s Journal – Nearing the Starting Line

I’ve been quiet the past couple days. A couple reasons for that. So let’s review!


Aside from getting a post up for EvilBob, the other day, nothing to report. I haven’t been able to finish anything to do a proper review, so if I post anything over this weekend, it’ll likely be some sort of quick post to throw together. Perhaps another I’m Curious! I haven’t done one of those in a while! We’ll see!


Nothing to report here.


As I said, I haven’t been able to finish anything. And I haven’t even been able to sit down and watch any more of Deca-Dence yet. But I have most of this weekend free, so that should change.


I may or may not have just finished work on a script. A script that might have something to do with the upcoming 5th Season of the show. Ahem.


I haven’t done any new writing yet (I plan to rectify this shortly) BUT, I have been working on mock-ups for the logo of the series. I’m going to have my dad (he’s a graphic artist/designer) help me a little over the weekend. I have a vague idea of what I want and have put together some loose concepts of what I’m kind of going for. But I don’t have anywhere near the expertise to do this on my own. So yeah. It’s a work in progress, I think.

Burning Sky – General

To make up for how little I’ve actually written on the books, themselves, I’ve been doing a lot in the more general aspect – outlining, character conceptualization, etc. I’m a hardcore plotter and like having things mostly determined before I ever put proverbial pen to paper. What I’ve spent a decent amount of time on, this time, is fleshing out some of the characters.

Burning Sky is a massive series with a ton of characters. And we have the basic information settled for all of them. But I wanted to go over the primary casts and sort of flesh out more of them, determine the overall trajectory of their character arcs. Many of them have a direction they’re headed, but I found that a lot of them didn’t have a particular destination or it felt like their direction was still a little too vague and there wasn’t really a sense of their personal journeys actually resulting in any tangible change for them to represent that progression in their arcs. So I decided to go back over all the characters with that in mind. Taking things one book at a time, I managed to get through the whole of the Dawnbringer cast, barring a few characters that don’t even show up until later (though I did flesh out one later character who we just generally didn’t have much info on because they were still mostly a concept) and the majority of the Prestige cast. Keeping with this trend, I’ll next be moving on to the Odyssey cast, which should be a lot of fun since the cast of that particular series is really zany.

We’re getting really close to the starting point on publishability for the series. Our plan is to finish up the first string of books before we start publishing anything. Then we just transition to writing the chapters live to keep the series going. We’re still working on the monetization platform and all that (the series is definitely not optimized to just hold everything for full physical releases), not to mention how we’re going to approach publishing. I’m still eyeing some possibilities on that front. I still won’t be able to talk about that stuff for quite a while, I don’t think. But I just feel good that we’ve managed to get this far into the project, at last, despite everything going on in the world, right now.

Burning Sky: Dawnbringer

Contrary to what I just said, I actually did get some writing on on Dawnbringer and hoo boy. The chapter I’m working on at the moment is a tense one. But also a uniquely entertaining one. I’m looking forward to the day it actually gets published.

Burning Sky: Senshi

No progress here, meanwhile. Though I will be able to start up a new chapter soon! ^^

Team Meeting

Today was a meeting day buuut I had an appointment to attend, halfway into it. So technically I wasn’t around the whole time. Also had to rush because one of our team was rather delayed in arriving. That said, it was pretty productive, I think. Made up for lost time on stuff we didn’t really get to cover in the last meeting, reviewed all the character stuff I mentioned having done, throughout the week. The others got to talk a bit about their own respective chapters in my absence, though I did review the latest progress on Adventure because I knew I’d have to leave early and read it ahead of time. Overall, decent meeting. I just wish we’d gotten the chance to have the entire thing with me around.

Most of what I’ve been doing that’s kept me busy is personal stuff I’m not going to share in great detail. None of it is the usual mental health stuff that I feel compelled to journal about. Just helping out around the house, dealing with some appointments and adult stuff, and… well… that hellhole of a day job I have to put up with. But really that’s all. I’ve kinda been sleeping a lot because I’ve been busy, so my writing/watching time keeps getting cut into. And when given the time to catch up on stuff, I’m always going to prioritize writing. So that’s why I haven’t really been able to crack Deca-Dence back open. Even though nothing about it was really bothering me at all.

Anyway, that’s everything! Hope that’s cleared up my semi-absence! I’ll probably have more to update you guys on in a week or so! In the meantime, thanks for reading, as always!

Stay safe, Stay healthy, Stay awesome!

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