Writer’s Journal – I’m Alive! Somehow!

Not gonna lie. This past weekend’s been pretty crap for productivity.


The weekend wasn’t especially eventful for me, but I did just take to a new practice. For anyone who doesn’t want to/can’t watch the Bulletoon episodes on YouTube, I’m going to be posting the full transcripts on the site, from now on. I started with the most recent episode on Medaka Box, so if you haven’t seen that episode, check out that post and you can read it! Otherwise nothing to report, really. EvilBob just got a new Star Wars post up. So that’s cool.


Aha! But I have something to report! A new featured post will be published by tomorrow evening!


I had to put a freeze on Deca-Dence for a bit because it occurred to me that I have to get further along in that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure rewatch I’m doing. For… reasons.


I have most of what I need for the Season 5 teaser, so you can probably expect that this weekend.


Nothing to report. I normally save this for weekends but I didn’t get anything done over the weekend. Though the logo stuff is coming along nicely.

Burning Sky – General

I’ve been playing around, lately, with the Power System(s) of Burning Sky and how abilities and all that work. It’s been really enlightening, honestly. Especially as I look into the power systems (or lack thereof) in a bunch of other series I enjoy and even other projects I’m working on. It’s also helped me out in developing the lore quite a bit. Burning Sky is a big world with a storied history and one thing I really like about the power system we’ve developed is how is emphasizes that.

Burning Sky: Dawnbringer

There’s something about writing chapters that have major reveals that’s always really fun, especially when those reveals aren’t so much about the plot as they are about the characters.

Burning Sky: Senshi

No progress, here. I want to just finish out the current cluster of Dawnbringer mini-chapters, at this point, seeing as I’m so close.

That’s all from me for today. Not particularly eventful, but I have a few posts I actually want to get written, now. Should be a lot of fun talking about some of what’s bouncing around in my head. ‘Til then, thanks for reading, as always!

Stay safe, Stay healthy, Stay awesome!

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