Writer’s Journal – That’s Four Books Down, Five To Go!

We did a thing! We did a thing!


Bob got a new post up as a part of Summer of Star Wars. So if you’re a fan of a Galaxy Far, Fara away, check that out. Otherwise it’s quiet over there with me only posting over weekends.


Yesterday was productive! I managed to get a new feature out! Nothing to report today, though. Aside from the fact that, for these particular posts, I’ve decided to only include the categories where I’ve actually done another since the last time I did one of these little check-ins. More organized, that way. Less dead space. Cool? Cool.


The teaser’s been all scripted and sent for! I have half the lines but I’m still working on scrounging together all the clips I’m gonna need.

Burning Sky: Dawnbringer

For anyone wondering, this tweet:

Was specifically about this chapter. I just love writing for Dawnbringer. The characters are so interesting and a lot of the dynamics are great. Also the big moments are indeed big, and this chapter was not shy on big moments. I’m looking forward to continuing with this book and moving along.
Today’s Wordcount: 933

Burning Sky: Odyssey

I’ve put a pause on this one, like I said. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t getting worked on. EvilBob is taking up the reins on this project, putting together a super early draft of the remaining chapters for me while I work on these other projects. Then I’ll go ahead and touch up the rest myself later. It’s the same process we ran for Burning Sky Odyssey, but for different reasons. Sharlenne’s the main one on that book, but she hasn’t been able to write as consistently or quickly as us for reasons. So EvilBob did the same for her, giving her a template to work with to help speed things up.

Burning Sky: Adventure

He did it! EvilBob finished! Today he was able to wrap up his draft on Burning Sky Adventure! That means he’s done with all of his titles and can move over to helping with the others when he’s not dealing with the Star Wars thing! The book is going to need something like two more drafts, though. He was still working on it under out original system of 9 long chapters + an Epilogue, so we’ll have to break it down, convert it into a greater number of smaller chapters. Then I’ll have to go over it for the final draft since I’m the one responsible for making everything sound pretty, line editing, etc.
Today’s Wordcount: 1172

And that’s a wrap, folks! This one’s a little later than usual, but I had some stuff to take care of. Thanks for reading, as always, though!

Stay safe, Stay healthy, Stay awesome!

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