Revealing The EXTRACURRICULAR Logo! – Writer’s Journal

Kept ya waiting long enough, haven’t I?

Let’s start by getting the usual stuff out of the way, because there are actually a lot of updates to cover!


For anyone who hasn’t already seen on the main site, Anime TKO is making its return this Fall Season! And what does that mean? It means it’s time for a TOURNAMENT ARC! EvilBob and I went and detailed the specifics in the official announcement post on the main site, so definitely check that out when you get the chance. That said, it’s going to heavily impact my anime watching for the next few weeks. But I’ll detail that in a section a bit later.


I recently announced the beginning of the second annual Villains’ Month on the show! And, even more recently, I dropped the teaser for the first episode of it! This month of depravity begins sometime over the weekend with the Emperor of the Universe, Frieza. I’ve already sent out the script so all that’s left is to get the lines and start editing. Should be a really fun watch. Stay Toon’d!

Burning Sky: Dawnbringer

I’ve done very little writing in regards to Burning Sky over the past few weeks. But I have done a bit. Enough, in fact, that I was able to finally put a nice little bow on all the installments of Chapter 5! When next I dive into this story, it’ll be with the action-packed Chapter 6. I’m actually anticipating it because there were some characters being introduced in that chapter that I took the time to go back and touch up a little, hopefully make them more interesting. So we’ll see how that plays out.

Burning Sky: Odyssey

EvilBob’s been putting in his work with Senshi, having completed something like 3 or 4 chapter installments since taking over for me. He rounded out Chapter 1 and is already into Chapter 2, so that’s some serious progress. That said, I’m still in charge of that book and I’ve read most of it. He’s basically just making a suuuper rough draft so I already know there are going to be some heavy edits to make when it comes time for me to actually dive into that book myself. But I think it’ll be pretty cool to take this new approach.

Burning Sky: Odyssey

So here’s the thing. Burning Sky Odyssey is Sharlenne’s book. Sharlenne is extraordinarily busy. So it’s only her first one. EvilBob went through and did for he what he’s currently doing for my book, Senshi, and he finished it. So now she’s just working off of a pre-written draft to hopefully make things easier. When we spoke, over the weekend, it was pretty clear she’d made some significant progress. She’s on Chapter 7, as things are, and almost done with it, at that. When EvilBob wraps up my book, he’ll be moving on to her next one. And I’ll be helping with her third when I wrap up Dawnbringer. That said, her book is a really fun read with a lot of character. It’ll need some polish, but I think it’s one of the series people can expect to fall in love with very quickly, whereas some of the others might be slower to get started, for some readers.


At last! So first a bit of background. I’ve honestly been holding onto EXTRACURRICULAR partly because I know that I don’t have a ton of time for pre-writing with it, but also because of this. I wanted to wait until I had all of the art assets ready before I started publishing anything. I got most of what I need and you’ll be made aware of the rest very soon. But! For now I figured I’d start you guys off slow by revealing the brand new logo! I’m especially proud because I made it m’self! Sorta. My Dad had a not-insignificant amount of input, but the end result was yours truly, and I dig it!

I’m actually working on becoming a Graphic Designer (not as a long-term career, really. Just to get me the hell out of retail) and this was a nice opportunity for me to sort of flex those muscles and get some much-needed experience! I’m quite happy with how it turned out and I hope you guys like it!

Mio’s adventures in high school and her journey through life are coming that much closer! Expect more major announcements in the coming weeks!


So, as mentioned earlier, my anime watching schedule is going to change rather drastically for the next few weeks. For the last few weeks, I’ve just been rewatching parts of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. For FULL disclosure, Dio wasn’t supposed to be part of this year’s Villains’ Month, at first. Originally, his spot was going to be covered by Soul Eater’s Crona… again. And there you see the issue. I covered Crona last time and while I am always ready to talk about him, I wanted to use this month as an opportunity to showcase some other villains I’m particularly passionate about… and one I’m… not, really (but I was asked to cover that one, so… yeah).

Anyway, my usual habit is to just watch 2-3 episodes in any day that I have the time. But since we’re in TKO season, obligation becomes a factor. And thus I’m having to work in an actual schedule with 8 shows. Now, I’m only going to be watching all eight shows for the first few weeks – three, to be specific. Then that number is getting cut down to six. Then down to four shows after three more weeks, and I’ll be at that number for the remainder of the season. Because of the nature of seasonals, I’m just going to be watching all of these shows on the day they air, barring the first couple weeks in which I simply haven’t had the time to do that so I’ll have to binge err’thing in time to do the first TKO post, covering our first impressions. If I can find the time, I’ll post my unfiltered, not-in-character thoughts on the episodes here. Assuming my actual thoughts and in-character thoughts differ enough to even do that.

My New System!

Okay, so here’s a pretty big thing. I’m being pulled in multiple directions, lately, so I’m having to change up my approach a bit. My usual strategy is to average 2000 words per day (not counting things like episode scripts and blog posts), split across my different writing projects. Previously that meant Burning Sky Dawnbringer and Burning Sky Senshi, with EXTRACURRICULAR on the weekends, as well as a secret side project I’m working on for someone else and can’t say much about currently. That ultimately meant that every project got 500 words put into it, per day, give or take (usually more, given my verbose nature, but there you go). With the added stress of my day job, as well as my now pursuing a Graphic Design position with various projects of that nature to keep me occupied, as well as a need to get some things finished more quickly, I’m going to need to do things a bit differently if I ever intend on getting anything done. So here’s my plan.

Rather than split the wordcount by project, I’m going to reduce the wordcount minimum to 1500 and just plug that into one project a day. This should work out for me, as I’m really aiming to hit an average of 1500-2000 words per chapter installment in most of my projects, anyway. The lower base amount also just helps to prevent burning out in a single session. 1500 words is honestly nothing to me, provided I know what I want to happen. I’m thinking of also applying this to a dedicated schedule. So, for example, I work on Dawnbringer on Mondays, EXTRACURRICULAR Wednesdays, etc. If I split things up that way, I should be able to get done with things more rapidly, making them ready for review earlier, which will help when it comes time to start publishing things, since I really want to aim for a weekly model on as many projects as we can manage that for.


And we’re done! That was a lot, I know. But hey, thanks for sticking through to read all that! What do you think of the EXTRA logo? Let me know, down below!

Stay safe, Stay healthy, Stay awesome!

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