Revealing The EXTRACURRICULAR Launch Date – Writer’s Journal

‘Eeeeey. I’ve finally made some progress on stuff again!


All right, so let’s get right into it. On the main site, we’re almost solely focused on Anime TKO, at the moment. And that’s been going pretty well, I think. This past week was a little… well… weak. But it’s been a fun time, overall. That said, we are making some plans for what to do when Anime TKO is over. And one of the things we’re planning to experiment is something of a “Bulletoon Takeover.” I’m not getting into the full details, but something we’re looking at is a short span of time (maybe just a season) where the Bulletoon Twins are “running the show.” Now. Obviously, the twins are not real. They’re both characters. But I’m the one writing them. So, naturally, their positions on things aren’t usually too distant from my own unless I’m actively using one of them to play Devil’s Advocate.

What such a takeover would look like isn’t entirely decided, yet. But there’s been talk about them perhaps helming an Anime TKO of their own. Another possibility is that the seasonal coverage takes a backseat, altogether. Or maybe one twin (most likely Riley, since Rila’s usually the one I use to play contrarian) does that while the other focuses on more specialized content. I could see a comeback for “I’m Curious!” The issue with that series has honestly been that I’m simply not very curious. On most of the subjects that come up within the greater community, I tend to just grow easily exhausted. And coming up with questions that revolve around storytelling is hard because… well… I generally already know the answers. We’ll see what that segment winds up becoming, though. Perhaps it could even become a segment on the actual show. And speaking of the actual show…


Despite a rough scheduling conflict that threw everything off, time-wise, I’d say Villains Month was a success, this year! People really showed their love for the characters we chose to highlight… even in the case of the one I have no love for whatsoever. But that’s fine! Contrary opinions to my own are welcome, providing it’s not approached with the attitude of you being “right” and me being “wrong.” That s–t’s annoying. ANYWAY, it was a fun month to put together and that little surprise in the DIO episode was a LOT of fun. But what’s next for the show? Well, Season 5 isn’t over, and it will be returning soon. In fact, the first teaser should be out this weekend, revealing the theme for the last four episodes and the subject of the first episode back. So Stay Toon’d! And if you want to see what a Bulletoon Takeover will end up looking like, then by all means, let me know!


I’m excited. All right, so here’s where my actual progress comes in. If you weren’t aware, I did basically no writing after that last post in October. The reason for that was that Villains Month setback. I essentially had to burn through every shred of time I had to get those episodes ready and it burnt me out. The following week I took to rest, essentially. Finally got to play some Genshin Impact, and I’m enjoying it. But now that little break of mine is over. And while I didn’t get any real work done today, I did put some work into this project on Monday. As I said in my last real Writer’s Journal, I have a new system where I basically try to write one full episode (technically most of my chapters are broken down into around 1500 – 2000 word “episodes”) in a day. And that’s what I did. I finished off Chapter 4, Episode 4 and finally get to move on to Chapter 5… which I may just start writing when I’m done with this post. I crashed when I got home from work so… yeah.

But that’s not really why I’m excited. I’m excited because after I went and revealed the logo, then the cover art, I went ahead and get everything all set up. Everything is set and ready to go. EXTRACURRICULAR will make its debut this weekend. Sunday, November 15 is when the full first chapter drops on this very website. Then, at a later date (I still have some things I want to check) I’ll likewise publish it to and So mark those calendars! Also, be sure to check out the little FIRST LOOK I posted, with an excerpt of Chapter 1!


Well, that’s a wrap! Nothing more to report for today. Thanks, as always, for reading (and being patient with me).

Stay safe, Stay healthy, Stay Awesome!

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