I may be a little excited…

It’s time! I officially begin publishing this series today! I’ve already laid out all the details of my plans for a release schedule. But for a quick refresher, I’ll be posting new chapters on Fridays here until our official website for Galvanic originals is done. I’ll also post them indefinitely to the likes of Honeyfeed and WebNovel.com!

Honeyfeed – LINK
WebNovel.com – LINK

Please don’t expect a new chapter every Friday as it doesn’t really line up with my priorities. This is a passion project, after all. Burning Sky and Bulletoon are where most of my efforts are going to be, from now on. I was only putting a heavy amount into this lately because I was nearing the publishing date. Still, I have a pretty deep backlog of chapters so it hopefully won’t be a problem for a long while, if ever.

On to the next thing, as promised there’s a video companion that I did to promote this project! So go ahead and drop it a like, then help out by sharing it to anyone you think might be interested in the story!

As a side note, I don’t really mind if anyone wants to review it or whatever. If anything, it’d only help get the word out, y’know? So feel free! But be sure to let me know if you decide to do that! I’ll boost it even if it’s not positive, as long as it’s fair. Either way, thanks for reading, everyone!

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay Awesome!

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