Time for an EXTRA/NEWS Bulletin

No, I am not going to make that the title of the updates, from now on. I was just being cute.

Let’s talk news. There’s not a terrible lot to cover, here, so I’ll make it quick. First of all, if you follow my Twitter, then you may have seen this, at some point:

Like I said, I pretty much trolled everyone as to the actual nature of the story, up until it finally dropped. And while the original billing as a Sci-Fi High-School Drama is relatively accurate, I did leave out some pretty crucial details. Like the Action and Psychological part. Or the fact that the story revolves around a world where Espers exist and are pitted against one another in a Battle Royale style event. And oh, is there more for you guys to discover. But I’ll not get ahead of myself. Since I didn’t tell the whole truth, initially, I’m planning on doing some NEW character profiles that include more relevant information.

I’d also like to add some little trivia posts eventually, but I’ll need to figure out how I want to do such a thing first. How often, what kinds of trivia, all that. If there are any kinds of things you’d want to know, feel free to tell me in the comments.

But now for the real reason behind this announcement. Tah-dah!


Yup! Henceforth, the series will also be getting published to Tapas! I’m still going to be exploring some other avenues as well – some recommended to me, some I wanted to look at on my own – but I want to expand the story’s reach as much as I can. It’s a measly passion project, compared to the loftier ambitions I have with other things I’m working on. But marketing is marketing and if I have my work out there, then I can use the attention from this to steer people to whatever else I’m doing. I like to think I have a pretty distinct style. So – setting aside preferences of genre, subject matter, and the like – if you like one thing I write, you’re likely to enjoy most of my other stuff too. At least, that’s how I see it. Either way, I’m excited! Excited to write more and excited for more people to experience what I’ve written! It’ll be fun!

All that said, please do continue supporting what I’m doing, here! I’d appreciate it a ton if you guys would boost the project as much as ya can by sharing it around in whatever form you prefer – by it this blog, Honeyfeed, WebNovel, Tapas, or beyond. It helps a lot. And don’t forget to let me know whatcha think when a new chapter drops! I don’t bite! All righty, that’s it for me! Thanks for reading!

Stay safe, Stay healthy, Stay Awesome!

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