The EXTRA/NORMAL “You Decide!” December Poll!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! For your gift, have a poll!

First and foremost, thanks to everyone whose been reading EXTRA/NORMAL, so far. It means a great deal to me that these weird little imaginary events from my brain resonate with anyone. As promised, a new chapter officially went live today on all the usual channels! Honeyfeed,, and Tapas! I’ll also be taking the liberty of making sure chapters go up on! As a reminder, all EXTRA/NORMAL chapters are free, so go ahead and check ’em out! But now for the real order of business. The poll!

As I explained before, the way this will work is that I’ll give you guys the opportunity to vote on what character, featured in this month’s chapters, will get a brand new illustration to debut in January! You can all vote using the poll below! Or, if you’d prefer, leave a comment! What character would you like to see artwork of? Or, if you’re indifferent to that, what character would you like to know a little more about? Remember, these illustrations will come with trivia and maybe even short stories, on occasion. So you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to choose who’s up next!

I’ve also taken the liberty of posting this poll on Twitter!

Thanks, again, for reading. And I hope you guys have a fantastic holiday!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay AWESOME!

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