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Let’s show the small creators some love.

As someone who creates things on the internet, I don’t get a lot of attention. And neither do a ton of other people. So let’s see how we can correct that, shall we? I want to shine a light on some creators out there who maybe don’t get a lot of attention outside of the specific niche communities in which they tend to congregate. Webnovel and Web Comic/Manga creators who want the opportunity for their work to reach audiences they might not typically get the attention of. Not just as a tool to get their names out there, but also to help them develop by exposing them to some critique from outside of their usual sphere, while still feeling a little familiar. One handy way for creators to get their work noticed is by tracking down bloggers and getting said bloggers to review their work or spotlight it in some way (and yes, you can bet I’ll be doing that eventually). So why not make things a little easier? Instead of forcing them to come to me, I can go to them.

Starting next year, I’m planning to launch a Small Creator Feature series on this blog, where I look at a couple chapters of a web novel or web manga from a small creator, then review them, maybe once a week or bi-weekly. The catch is that aside from just looking on my own, I’m also going to open a waiting list for people to volunteer their work. I’ll accept submissions from multiple locations – forums, discord servers, whatever. Not only that, but I’ll even include a contact form on a landing page, here on the site, for people to reach out if they prefer.

But why stop there? Why not make this a group effort? And no, I’m not just talking about my personal team. I’m talking about YOU. Guest Posts! See, the idea is that I will not say no to any of the submissions. BUT, we all know me. I have a fairly weak constitution for certain things, an extremely quick temper about some things, and a total lack of care with others still. My own capacity to help outside of the purely technical aspects is limited to certain types of stories and styles of writing. But I don’t want my lacking ability to be the thing keeping people from participating in this. So that’s where I reach out to you guys. I’ll personally do as many of these as I can, but I’ll also extend my reach through Discord and the like to gauge if anyone, at all, will be interested in doing a Guest Post for each submission. If you’d be up for it, I’ll let you take care of it. Maybe we can make it a collaboration post if it’s something I don’t mind reading or am even deeply interested in. Your call, really.

I’m not going to be particularly restrictive with these, either. No real formatting rules. You can write these as if they’re posts on your blog. Or I can make it so you can participate by making the post on your own blog and linking back to the landing page I’ve made, here. Again, your call.

So, the ball’s in your court. What do you guys think? Obviously I’ll need to work out some of the particulars, but I think it could be a fun collaborative process, a great way to get some(more) exposure for smaller-middling creators. Also, thanks to Irina and Aya for answering some questions I had about the whole thing. Once I iron out some details, I’ll probably get the ball rolling on this in a month or so. Sound good? Let me know, down below! And if you’re already interested in doing a post, feel free to message me directly on Discord, Twitter, whatever. My contact info’s out there. Thanks for reading, as always.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay AWESOME!

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