December EXTRA/NORMAL Poll Results

And the winner of the December EXTRA/NORMAL “Choose Your Character” Poll Is…!

Yup! That’s it! Ragyou takes home the trophy for the first month, so expect some new Ragyou artwork towards the end of January!

Honestly, I’m not terribly surprised. From the reactions I’ve gotten, Ragyou is a lot of people’s favorite character. I can see why. She’s fun. She has a standout design and a bubbly personality. She’s a dynamic character who affects change in the world around her. What I didn’t expect was that she only won by a single vote. Charlotte was on her tail for the entire run of the poll and only barely lost. I guess people like the domineering personality? I’unno. Not one to kink shame. Y’all do y’all XD

Anyway, now that this has been decided, the real work begins. Getting the artwork all set and cranking out more chapters so the story can continue along with more artwork to come. Stay on the lookout for the beginning of a brand new poll at the end of this month, along with what I’m sure will be a stellar illustration of our own sunny best girl! ‘Til then, catch ya later!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Awesome!

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