I Won A Contest! – Announcing Ghost Light Exorcist

Yup! So let’s start from the beginning. Since I started releasing EXTRA/NORMAL, I’ve been getting involved in a few writing communities and looking into some sites I could use to publish, and stuff. One of those that came up more recently was a platform called Voyce.me. It’s a fairly new site but has been seeing some pretty explosive growth, over the past few months. I joined sometime in December, right as they were just launching this large contest for writers in their community. It was a pitch competition and of the 1600-something entrants, I was among the 9 who were ultimately selected!

I’m excited for myself and everyone else who was able to find success here. The opportunity is something I deeply appreciate and hope it can lead to some much greater things, in the future. Particularly for my career as a creative individual. But that’s enough of me nerding out. Let’s talk about the project, itself. A new web novel (yes, another one) by the name Ghost Light Exorcist. You can view my pitch in the Instagram post, below. I’m on the 8th… page? Slide? I have no idea how Instagram works. It’s just not my thing. But anyway, there I am. And fret not, for anyone who can’t view that for whatever reason, it’s also below.

Kamimura Kitsu is a girl of unremarkable origin. And she’s perfectly happy with that. Just an ordinary – if a bit unfortunate – First Year High School student. One whose life takes a turn for the extraordinary when a dangerous encounter with her mysterious senpai pulls her into a world of spirits and exorcists.

The submissions were all longer than the Instagram post would suggest. Many of them included a great deal of detail. Mine was essentially an outline of the entire first volume, along with a very thorough Story Bible live document which has since been updated even further. I’m actually rather proud of my submission because I put it all together veeery quickly. I had maybe a couple of weeks to throw the whole thing together. For context, just the prelude of Burning Sky, alone, took us several months to work out all of the details to. So it was surprising to see that I was successful, and it was essentially the cherry on top of a fantastic day.

So what does this all mean? It means that I’m officially a Voyce.me Original Author. Ghost Light Exorcist has been selected to be a Voyce.me Original, and will be available exclusively on their site. The whole thing is one big work in progress and nothing is set entirely in stone regarding the release date. But I’m going to be working very hard on bringing this project to life as soon as possible.

But let’s be honest. You want to know more. I can’t tell you much. But I can say that Ghost Light Exorcist is a Supernatural Action/Drama series and in case the pitch didn’t make it obvious, it is set in modern day Japan. On that note, it’s written to emulate a sort of Battle Shounen style. But I won’t be revealing any further details at this time. Well… except for maybe one more thing. Remember when I said I had to delay Ragyou’s character art for this? Unfortunately the artist wasn’t able to actually make the deadline for the contest on this project… but I’d already ordered the piece from him by the time we knew that. So oh well. I suppose this relatively early concept imagery of Kitsu-chan will just have to sit and collect virtual dust.

For real, tho, EUDETENIS is a legend and I’m extremely grateful to be working with him on anything. I haven’t tapped him to be the official artist of the series, mind you. I’m thinking about it, but he’s a busy guy. And if I did that, then it might hold up EXTRA in the future, on occasion. We’ll see. But I love his work. He always knocks it out of the park. I told him he could make this a simple piece and he turned in this excellent work. The guy deserves all the praise I give him and more. And even though this is likely just a rough concept of what Kitsu will ultimately end up looking like, I’m excited to have already moved this project forward as much as I have with the excellent help of an excellent artist. In the meantime, however, I did tap the fantastic Thirdphp – also of the Voyce.me community, by the way – to provide the first official artwork for the series! Sooo, without further ado, here we have the first promo art for the project, as well as what may end up being the first cover!

I told you guys I’ve been busy. So there you have it! A brand new series from your truly, coming soon to a screen near you! I can’t wait for you guys to see what I’ve been working on and hear what you think! For now, though, I should get back to it. As always, thanks for reading.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Awesome!

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