January EXTRA/NORMAL Poll Results

The results are in. And the winner of the January EXTRA/NORMAL “Choose Your Character” Poll Is…!

Wow. I genuinely was not expecting that. After Charlotte nearly beat Ragyou last time, I kinda gotta say, I wholly expected her to just steal this one. You guys really like battle teachers, apparently. And Mio sneaking up to second place? There’s a surprise if ever there was one. And it wasn’t some sudden, last minute thing. She was at the front from the beginning. In any event, there you have it. Ms. Kelly and Ms. Ortiz have taken the prize. Sooo you can expect that the next artwork will feature those wonderful ladies!

However, there is a catch, this time. Fret not, you’ll still get your teachers in glorious artwork. BUT I have a couple other pieces to order, this month, for Burning Sky and Ghost Light Exorcist (actually one of them – easily the most expensive – is already ordered and being worked on). So you’ll actually be getting these terrific teachers in March instead of at the end of this month. Unless I suddenly come into some considerable fortune. Soon. But I suppose that’s the trade-off, yeah? After all, you’re getting two characters in one piece, this time. So if you’ll be a little more patient with us, I look forward to blowing you away with yet another excellent piece. ‘Til then, catch ya later!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Awesome!

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