Big Ghost Light Exorcist News On The Horizon!

Shall we visit my latest project? I think we shall.

For anyone who isn’t aware, let’s review. Back in December, I made the personal call to, as an individual, participate in a contest for the upcoming Web Novel and Web Comic platform, And I won! Of around 1600 participants, I was among the 9 selected winners. My concept for Ghost Light Exorcist will be counted among several Original works to hit the platform. But I’ve been pretty quiet about it since I made that announcement. So let’s have a quick refresher on the nature of the project, as well as some minor updates pertaining to it.

First of all, a refresher. Here’s the pitch the project ran on:

Kamimura Kitsu is a girl of unremarkable origin. And she’s perfectly happy with that. Just an ordinary – if a bit unfortunate – First Year High School student. One whose life takes a turn for the extraordinary when a dangerous encounter with her mysterious senpai pulls her into a world of spirits and exorcists.

Fret not, this isn’t EXTRA/NORMAL. No tricks at the end of chapter one or anything. It’s exactly what it says on the tin. As advertised, Ghost Light Exorcist is a Supernatural, Shounen Battle series, but a Web Novel. More over, it’s written in a Light Novel format. It still emulates that Shounen Battle feel as something like Kimetsu no Yaiba or Jujutsu Kaisen, but is told through my unique lens.

On the subject of the platform, recently went through with a complete overhaul. Something they’re referring to as 2.0. This is largely what I’ve been waiting for to get posting. So once everything has been set with that, you can expect Kitsu and company to grace your eyeholes. Soon, folks. Very soon. Perhaps even sooner than you expect.

In terms of progress, I’ve actually already finished writing the entire first arc and I’ve been working with an editor that isn’t me (for once) to ensure that what I’m presenting is the best possible product. But that isn’t all. I’ve also put in the extra work to run the chapters through InDesign. So it’s not just the story I’m working on making as strong as I can, but the presentation. Making it look pretty (and professional, at that) actually makes me feel a lot better about the project, overall. So I can’t wait for you guys to see it.

Speaking of things I want you guys to see, though… Ahead of the release of the project, you can expect a couple of very big updates. For now, though, juuust keep the date of March 23 in mind. Yup. Tomorrow.

I’ll just leave you with that.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Awesome!

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