Figured it’d be a good idea to keep you guys posted on this. So let’s talk EXTRA.

So. First question I’m sure we have. “What happened to the character polls?” Well, if you recall, I mentioned that because of my other upcoming project – Ghost Light Exorcist – I couldn’t really afford to get a character illustration for February, even though I ran the poll. And since we’re still waiting on that artwork, I didn’t run one at the beginning of this month. That said, the order is placed for next illustration and it should be done within the next couple weeks, if all goes well.

On the writing side of things, the current arc of EXTRA/NORMAL – what I’ve internally dubbed “The Tutor Arc” is nearly over. Actually, it’s gotten to this point far sooner than I’d planned for. I wound up going off-outlined in the last few chapters because what I already had laid out, while thematically linked, felt like there wasn’t a strong enough connection in the actual events. And it was feeling a tad bit overlong So I skipped a few things and revised the story to accommodate that change. Unless I change anything again, there should only be 4 chapters left in this arc, as opposed to the 7 or 8 it’d have had left in the tank, prior to my edits.

Depending on how busy I am, over the next week, the story might take a wee break after the conclusion of this arc so I can work a bit on the outline of the next one and making sure that arc is airtight. I will say this. The next arc is muuuch longer. I wouldn’t say that any arc is inconsequential, but the volume of consequential events happening in this next arc constitutes its length. It’s when things are going to start heating up proper. Everything up until now has been fairly easy days for the girls. Setup. Lessons in confidence and humility, teamwork, yadda yadda. But the next arc is when the story starts getting into more of the things that I really wanted it to be about.

There’ll be more worldbuilding. More of the themes that made me want to tell the story, in the first place. I honestly haven’t been more anxious about writing anything in a long while. Part of it is the anticipating of the story finally taking the direction I always intended it to. And part of it is just the nerves of hoping I deliver on it. If it do what I want, I think it’ll really resonate with folks. So I’m… frantically looking forward to it, I suppose I’ll say.

Anyway, that’s it for this story. But stay tuned because there are more updates to come.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Awesome!

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