EXTRA/NORMAL Re-Edited + More

It’s been a while since we talked about this series, huh? With all the Ghost Light Exorcist news and stuff, lately, I haven’t had a ton of time to pay EXTRA much attention. So let’s correct that with a sizeable announcement.

As I’ve already made pretty clear, the third story arc of the series is concluding soon. Like… “within three chapters” soon. It’s only a matter of time before I dive into the meat of the series. (Would you believe 90% of what you’ve all witnessed, thus far, has been set-up?) And with that shift around the corner, I wanted to change things slightly.

See, after Voyce.me went through with its overhaul, I refrained from reposting the chapters of EXTRA/NORMAL to the site. This had two purposes. First, I didn’t want to overshadow the already bumpy release of Ghost Light Exorcist, giving it an established and familiar series to compete with, ON TOP of all the tech issues it ran into on launch day. But the other reason was that I wanted to comb through these first three arcs, re-edit them, and put them through InDesign to pretty them up the same way I’ve done for GLE. This will be something exclusive to Voyce.me, of course. The re-edits will apply to Honeyfeed, but the new presentation style can’t really be used there, so… yeah.

Furthermore, I may end up moving the release date back from Friday to Saturday once this arc is over. For those not in the know, our team meetings are on Fridays. And part of my process in preparing the chapters is running them by the team first for feedback. Pushing the day to Saturday would give me a bit more time to consider and act on that feedback and also do all the style stuff. For now, enjoy the last three chapters of the arc! It is… very likely the last time the story will be so “light.” At least for quite a while.

I still haven’t decided if the series will take a short break between these arcs because I do still have some planning to do for it and would like to get my backlog built back up. We’ll see.

Now, I’ll just leave you with this last bit. I’ve already announced that I’m putting a temporary freeze on the character artwork polls. Primarily because I still have Burning Sky to deal with. And now GLE will demand artwork every now and then, to boot. But I don’t want to leave you guys hanging. The artwork for the previous poll is being worked on, right now. And I’ll post that as soon as I have it. I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s cute. And kinda funny. Pretty on-brand for the whole “candid, day-in-the-life” style I was going for with all of these (even if the lighthearted nature of this artwork clashes with the nature of the series, itself). And just so you guys won’t have to wait until halfway through April, when the arc concludes, I’ll be doing another poll very soon that will set up for when the artwork returns, and also will just be a bit more fun, with some opportunities for more interaction than just clicking a button.

That all, for now. ‘Til next time!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Awesome!

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