The Next EXTRA/NORMAL Character Poll+


I already alluded to it in the last update, so here it is! The next character poll… PLUS!

Yeah. Like I said in the previous update, I wanted this to be a little different. An opportunity for more interaction than just hitting a button on Twitter. You can still do that, of course, but I wanted to make this an opportunity to hear from you guys a bit more directly. So here’s the deal. First off, the poll is now live and you can view it below. Choose Your Character! Who was your favorite featured character of not just the past month, but of the entire ‘Tutor’ Arc (Chapters 8 – 19)? Mio, Diana, Kelly, or Charlotte. You can vote on Twitter. I look forward to seeing who takes this one home. Chapter 19 will be up later today and you guys have a full week to get your votes in. Have fun!

Next, the big one. This isn’t a poll. This is an invitation to tell me, in the medium of your choosing – Discord DM, Twitter DM or Tag with hashtag #EXTRANORMAL, comments on this very post, whatever works for ya – your favorite part of the last arc – your favorite part of the arc. Yup.

You can choose any part and be as broad or specific as you like. You can just go with your character pick, or even choose a character that wasn’t featured in the poll. You can pick a whole chapter. You can even go specific and pick a scene, itself. Or super specific and pluck out an image or a line of dialogue from a scene. It’s entirely your call. But no trolling and saying “the entire arc,” please and thank you.

And what will I do with this information? Who knows? I certainly wouldn’t randomly select a winner from the responses and get that response illustrated for the novel. That’d be crazy talk.

I look forward to hearing from you! In the meantime, tho…

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Awesome!

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