Movie Night with Kelly and Ortiz | EXTRA/NORMAL Artwork

Time for another “Choose Your Character” poll winner!

Last time’s winners were none other than the terrible two – Tay Kelly and Yennifer Ortiz, the unbeatable teachers.

Artwork by EUDETENIS


They may seem like an odd pair, but Tay and Yen are practically inseparable. Not for lack of trying, on Kelly’s part, but still. As bizarre a friendship as it is between the professional Ms. Kelly and the lazy Ms. Ortiz, these besties enjoy one another’s company a lot. And one of their favorite pastimes is a good movie. Ortiz? She’s into action movies. Particularly of the old and cheesy variety. But the stoic Ms. Kelly? Sign her up for anything but a big, sappy, emotional romance drama. Not because she can’t get into them, but because she really, really can. For as icy as she seems, they move her, down to her very core. No matter what she does, she bawls her eyes out every time. Sometimes Ortiz will even put one on without telling her. Why? Easy. She also loves a good comedy.

This one? Muuuch easier to come up with than the last one. Just thought “They’re besties. What’s something they could do together that’d be kinda funny or cute?” Movie Night! Also gives me an excuse to show more of what Kelly’s like when she’s not “on duty.” I really love the friendship between these two, for as little as I’ve touched on it, thus far. I look forward to showing more of it soon, and getting to the heart of what makes them such good friends, in the first place. I think’s it’s honestly really sweet. But this was just a fun little thing.

Once more, EUDETENIS did an excellent job on bringing the characters to life.

The next Poll is already live, so be sure to check it out, HERE! The stage is set! Now there’s only one thing to do. CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Awesome!

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