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Chris Voyage – Freelance Writer, Editor

My name’s Chris – Voyager, here on the internet. As the Editor of Galvanic Media, I’m not all about playing goalie to punctuation errors and misspellings on the way to publication. With 6 years of writing experience, I’m all-in on sculpting every unkempt piece into a masterpiece that’s engaging and airtight. And I somehow find time to write my own articles for the site, produce a weekly web show, and oversee all original content as project manager. I keep busy.

Whichever responsibility I’m dealing with at any given moment (if not all of them), my goal stays the same; to entertain people with fun, clever, thoughtful experiences that they’re sure to remember for years to come. And I ensure that others are able to do the same by making sure their work is as solid as it gets.

I have a long history of witty written and video commentary work on the internet, all leading up to our anime reviews and our longest-running project, Bulletoon. And that’s to say nothing of our 100% original projects, like Burning Sky. But it’s not just Galvanic that I’ve worked for. I’ve also produced articles for The Nerd Stash and interviews for Saturday AM.

A great deal of my inspiration comes from video games, anime, and even text-based RPGs amongst internet friends. I love lighthearted conversation about nerdy things and a good “what-if” scenario can lead to some fantastic ideas, ripe for sharing.

Galvanic Media – President, Editor, Writer
(February 2016 – Present)
The Nerd Stash – Freelance Writer
(June 2017 – 2018)
Saturday AM – Freelance Writer
(February 2019 – December 2019)

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