Would You Wanna Be an Early Reader for a Brand New Character?


Okay! So! I did it! I finished Chapter 3! That actually happened a lot sooner than I thought I would. But that leads us to the exciting part! Like I said before, and as the title suggests, I’m ready to go on Early Readers! So anyone who’s interested can message me on Twitter, Discord, the comments, or the contact field Here. Just let me know you want to be an advanced reader on the first three chapters of the story and I’ll send you an Advanced Reader Copy. To anyone who’s already read the first chapter, I’ll ask you individually and you can opt out if ya wanna. No pressure to do this, just ’cause you read the first one.

It was actually a pretty challenging thing to write! There weren’t a lot of moving parts, or anything, it just required a certain level of understanding when it came to the characters and the best way to balance the different tones of the most pivotal scene. I won’t say any more. I trust the super sleuths to figure it out if they care to.

And now for a special treat!

Meet Another EXTRACURRICULAR Character!

Name: Diana Quinn
Nicknames: Di
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birthday: November 2
School: East Lumos Academy
Class: 1-C
Student Rank: Rank 29
Cultural Background: American-Australian
Occupation: Student
Home: Beacon City, AU

Another excellent work as brought to us by the excellent MadiBlitz. She’s been reeeally fun to write and write about. And I’m looking forward to getting to do more with this character in general. As with Mio and Ragyou, I’m very interested in knowing what any of you all think she’ll turn out being like. What type of character you think she’ll be. Time will tell. As I said, I’m not planning to hold onto this story for an especially long period of time. So you’ll get to see much sooner than later.

Also, Apparently It’s National Anime Day. Sweet!

Yeah. I didn’t know this was a thing, but it is, according to trending on Twitter. So hooray for anime!

“How Are You Today?”

Great, thanks! …no, really. I just have nothing else for you. All I’ve done today is work, so… you know. Haven’t had time to let my brain be anywhere I didn’t want it going. That’s a plus. For this being a quarantine, I’m not really alone with my thoughts all that much. Go figure. All right, bye!

Stay safe, Stay healthy, Stay Awesome!

Do You Listen To Music When You Write?

Just curious.

I don’t really have any larger post ideas, at the moment. And today really isn’t worth a dedicated journal entry, I don’t think. My head’s been fairly empty and all I’ve done is work on stuff. No, that’s not the quarantine. It’s just the mundanity of my everyday life. But I think it’s a pretty fun question.

“What Do YOU Like To Listen To?”

Some people listen to music that suits the story, overall. Some have playlists that revolve around specific scenes. Some just like peaceful (or bangin’) background noise. I’m somewhere between all of those things. It just depends on my mood and what I’m writing. That said, I am a weeb, of course. So with these first few chapters of EXTRA, I’ve been listening to just peaceful and relaxing anime music in the background. For the most part, that is. There’s been a little variation in there. But the quieter music helps me stay in a pretty mellow place to be able to write those more contemplative scenes I’ve previously talked about. I think the story of EXTRA is largely told in those quiet moments of contemplation, where characters are just thinking about things. At least, that’s the vibe I’m getting from it at the moment.

When I’m writing Burning Sky… well… it depends. I’m currently on two of those books and doing revisions on the prologue book. Writing those, I pretty much just wind up all over the place. With Ike’s chapters, I find myself listening to a lot of music from Shounen Battle series, but that includes the quiet stuff. Ike is more on the reflective and thoughtful side of the Shounen protagonist archetype. He’s not all hot blood and action, so it only makes sense that I likewise focus on the softer side of that genre. Things like early Boku no Hero Academia and Kimetsu no Yaiba, where the protagonists aren’t at full throttle all the time, and they’re also not complete goofballs whenever they’re not. Baldrik and Iri also have their own distinct sounds, in my mind.

“How Goes The Writing?”

Good. I made some real progress with Chapter 3 today. It’s been tricky since I’m not entirely used to writing scenes like the ones depicted in it. But I think I’ve got something special on my hands. There’s a character in it that I’m really pleased with, in the way they’ve come out, so far. The most difficult part was making sure the tone works well, though. Chapter 3 is kind of up-and-down in that regard. So making sure the tone always felt appropriate to the scene has been tough. Knowing when one tone has been active long enough and I need to transition to the next one is complicated. It’s sort of a trick of knowing where and when to place the observant eye of the narrator. Multiple moods and tones can easily coexist within a scene, when focusing on the perspectives of different characters, after all.

I think I’ll actually have Chapter 3 done by the end of this week. It’s been a refreshing semi-break from looking at Burning Sky, all year. I’m going to wrap up my work on that pretty soon too, though. The immediate work, anyway. But for now I really want to focus primarily on this little “Me” project, so I can at least finish up this first story arc (it’s a short one). I’ll post a proper update a little later, so stay tuned!

“How Are You Feeling?”

I’m good. At least, I haven’t exactly been in my own head a lot, lately. The times I have been, it was to sort of pull up some old feelings to imagine how Mio would be feeling in EXTRA for a scene or whatever. A dangerous game, to be sure, but I’ve not been dwelling on things. Rather, I’ve been trying not to. I’m managing.

That all. Thanks for reading and putting up with me, ladies and gents. As per usual-

Stay safe, Stay healthy, Stay Awesome!

Deciding the Pace of my Writing.

This is mostly inspired by EXTRA, but it’s an interesting thing I’ve come to notice, so why not talk about it?

I have a style that tends to revolve around details. Not an exorbitant amount of details, but a lot of emphasis on particular ones. The narrator in my writing is as much a character as the actual characters. They’re not telling the story, so much as observing it, often discovering things alongside the actual participants in the story. But that doesn’t actually impact my writing’s pace much, on its own. Because those details tend to be a lot more external, and the narration on the witty side. Usually my pace is more based on the story, itself. I might not be explaining it quite well enough. If you’ve read my writing and can come up with a better way to describe it, by all means, let me know. Anyway, trying to write for EXTRA is a bit difficult because I’m still trying to figure out the kind of pace I want it to have. It’s a drama, probably first and foremost. It’s capable of other things, of course. Humor, joy, triumph, all that good stuff. But in its bones, it’s a drama. A very human drama. Even more so than Burning Sky which is, at its core, an adventure story with elements of drama. When I write more dramatic scenes and stories, I tend to let the narrator go to work on things that are a lot more internal, as well. It’s a very contemplative style. A slow one. Which is weird. Because I’m going for shorter chapters than I normally would.

On average, I tend to write chapters that hover somewhere around 15 – 25 pages. With EXTRA, I’m trying to keep things more in a 10 – 15 page range. That means trying not to lean so much on that more contemplative style and just getting to “the point” faster. Which is, itself, very weird. Because I sorta feel like the story’s subject matter warrants that slower approach and observation of seemingly minute details. But… which ones? It makes pacing out the chapters a really strange experience. A unique contradiction where I need to make things both sort of punchy, but also drawn out enough to let them sink in. Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 didn’t suffer this that much because one was almost entirely setup and the other was pretty much one looong scene where I was free to take that time in between the other stuff going on. But I’m really feeling it as I begin Chapter 3, and I can see this being a struggle, going forward. I intend to figure it out, of course, but it’s tricky. Deciding which details to focus on and when to focus on them with this style and these length restrictions has just been a tough process.

I did talk about it with a team for a bit today. But not a great deal. The strategy is obviously to use the style sparingly. That much I already figured. The issue is mostly figuring out where it should be used. For now I’ll just save it for scenes and moments within scenes that I think warrant taking a little more time. Then I can “gun it” for other scenes where things need to move a little more quickly. This whole story is a bit of a new experience, for me, in many ways. Burning Sky (for now) takes its time, after all. With just about everything. It’s so big, it can afford it. This… is not that. But I’ll get the hang of it. And, hopefully, this becomes a story where my trying a new approach helps me get better at my craft. Never stop learning, after all.

All right, that’s all. Writers and Readers, what kind of pace do you prefer? Something a bit slower or something a bit faster? Or maybe a joining of the two, like I’m expecting this to be? Let me know and thanks for joining me on this magical mystery tour through my head. Keep an eye out. I think I’m gonna be revealing another character in the story sometime soon. In the meantime, it’s the usual spiel you all know by now.

Stay safe, Stay healthy, Stay Awesome,

Post Something, They Said. Doesn’t Matter What, They Said. (4/12/2020)

Okay. Journaling. I got this. PMA. Positive Mental Attitude. Right.

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Haven’t Talked About Extra In A Bit. How ‘Bout An Update?

Yeah. It just occurred to me while doing some editing work on it, earlier, that I haven’t really done a dedicated post on EXTRA in quite a while. I’ve brought it up, of course. As recently as… well… all three of my last posts? But I figured now would be a nice time to do another full post on the subject. So! Let’s talk about my little passion project.

“How Goes The Writing?”

Well, my outlining habit strikes again. I’m a thorough outliner. I like to plan out all of my stories in as much detail as I can. And while this project isn’t as thorough as I could potentially make it, it’s still pretty in-depth with certain details. I haven’t written anything beyond Chapter 2 yet because I took a pause to map out the first few arcs, which accounts for about… checks… 21 chapters. Give-or-take a few. And I have several arcs planned, well beyond even those. So I think I’m good to start moving forward on this again. The first few chapters are probably going to be the longest because there’s a lot of set up to do with the characters and whatnot. But I’m actually expecting the series to, overall, feature pretty short, breezy chapters (for me). And it’s a style we’re probably going to also emulate with Burning Sky, the further along it gets. Nine different books at once obviously requires we move at a pretty ridiculous pace. That will thin out, but it’ll be some time before that happens, so wish us luck! We’re… pro’lly gonna need it.

As for the actual writing process, it’s… kind of strange. EXTRA isn’t really… “fun” to write. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the story and all. But it’s a very different experience from writing Burning Sky. There’s certainly a lot of pain in that story. Suffering, dark themes, sobering moments, the works. But they’re written from a very… observational angle. I’m very distant about it, in a way. My own feelings aren’t really mixed into the story. I’m mostly writing a story to entertain. And that’s a subject I think warrants coming back to in a later post. This story, though, was partially inspired by personal experiences. So this story, or at least some of the characters in it, reflect thoughts and feelings I’ve personally had. I’m writing a bit more from within than I typically do. I don’t think the approach is necessarily superior. I’ve never really been one to care that much about identifying with characters, as we know (It doesn’t really have any effect on me. And that’s not my emotional instability talking. It just doesn’t work). But I do get it. And writing a story that has a little of me – not my sensibilities, but me – in it makes it more apparent. Still doesn’t particularly have any meaning to me more than any of my other stories, but at least I hope it can be used as a means of sort of understanding me a little, if nothing else.

“First Chapter When?”

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if I decide to just post it in the next couple weeks. I wanna start posting once I get Chapter 3 done. But I do wanna get some early readers on Chapter 2 as well. I’m probably not going to do Early Readers after Chapter 3 just because I want to see if I can get into a groove of one chapter a week, or at least bi-weekly so I’m planning to just use the first few chapters to identify the strongest and weakest points of my writing and use that feedback as a loose sort of guideline. Like I said, this is a much less demanding and strict project than Burning Sky, so I’m not expecting any chapter will be perfect on debut. But the early feedback can give me a general sense of direction. Then whenever I want to make an official, printed version, I can just go back over it to edit and tighten things up. Optimistically, I’ll say “end of the month.” Realistically, I’ll say “I dunno. It happens when it happens.”

“Yo, How Can We Get In On Early Reading?”

This one’s not locked to Patreon, so you can just ask in the comments, on Twitter, or on Discord (Voyager#7586). Naturally, I’ll send you Chapter 1 and, if you’re interested, I’ll send along Chapter 2, as well as Chapter 3, should your interest remain.

“Speaking Of Twitter, What Was This About?”

Oh yeah. Well, let’s address that, then. So, a while back I showed off the first character concept of the story’s protagonist, Mio. And I decided to get some artwork together of other significant characters in the story. Some time after that I went ahead and got the design done for another important character in the story. So, hey, why not take this opportunity to introduce them? Meet East Lumos Academy’s #1 Gyaru – Ragyou!

Name: Kikuchi, Ragyou
Nicknames: Rachiin, Dummy, Baka-you
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birthday: October 18
School: East Lumos Academy
Class: 1-C
GPA: It’s… low.
Clubs: The Going-Home Club
Cultural Background: Japanese-Australian
Occupation: Student
Home: Beacon City, AU

I’m not going to give you the whole spiel on the character. You’ll just have to read up to find out about her when the first few chapters drop! Once again, this fantastic artwork comes from MadiBlitz and I couldn’t be more pleased with how she turned out! Captures the essence of the character pretty much perfectly, I say. But you’ll see for yourself when I start releasing the story to the interwebs.

As with before, what kind of character do you guys think she’ll wind up being? I guess you could say… I’m Curious! …what? I haven’t done it in a while, okay? Looking forward to what you guys think, anyway! ‘Kay bye!

Blogger Recognition Award

Ah. Senpai noticed me… multiple senpais, apparently.

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Why Do You Play A Character On Galvanic?

Ah. Here’s that question.

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Binging Symphogear (First Third) | Anime Voyage

Be Warned: Here There Be (Mild) Spoilers

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All Right. I Gotta Be Honest Here. (3/1/2020)

I’m gonna level with everyone, here. This past week? Sucked. Suuuper sucked. It was awful. And I hated it. Oh, sure, there were highlights. And I will get to that in another post I’ve got coming up on the main site. But, outside of internet land, beyond this little corner of cyberspace we’ve built for ourselves… this week was nooot jiving with me.

Technically it began last weekend in pretty harmless fashion. In case I’ve not already said as much, I have a very close relationship with my family. They’re a very friendly, loving bunch and I enjoy spending time around them… in moderation. I often regret that I don’t do so more often, but I’m a busy guy who already struggles to make use of what time I do have. Mind you, I’m someone who, frankly, just can’t survive without some time to myself, from one day to the next. I need a little me time for recharging purposes after I spend any amount of time around people. That does include family. And, with that having been said, last weekend we celebrated my grandmother’s birthday… and my aunt’s, actually.

It was a good time, paired with some good food and nice laughs with the fun-loving people in attendance. But. After that event, I was basically mentally boomed. The next day I wanted to do absolutely nothing but rest. Okay. Fair enough. Except… then things got complicated. While I was in the process of editing the recent Pokemon-centric episode of the show, I realized there was an error and had to get a retake. Because of the time difference, however, between myself and that voice actress, I fell asleep before I could get the line. For context, Bulletoon is a show that requires the audio be the first thing edited. So I couldn’t really do anything else until I had it. My fault. A typo in the script led to a misread.

Alas, when it rains, it pours. I wake up the next day and just have too much work to do to complete the edit. At that point we had to get the TKO posted and, oh, we had a Burning Sky meeting shortly beforehand. So there was that. Then the week really hit me. Work. For those not in the know, I’m currently employed as a part-timer. But my schedule is subject to… modification. And this week that whole situation hit me like a freight train. Full days. All of them. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t mind this… if it was expected. It wasn’t. I went to work on Tuesday and discovered that my schedule had been changed while I was there to be a full day. And after that, I’d had it.

I already don’t like my job (it’s a lame retail stocking position that pays… fine? I guess? But I just don’t like it). So suddenly being forced to stay for more time than I’d planned for was not good for my mood. And I carried that exact mood with me until basically Friday. Every day was a full day. And every day, as soon as I got home, I went to sleep. I got absolutely nothing done. I was that exhausted, physically, mentally, and emotionally. That is why the Pokemon episode got delayed for a week. Like I said, there wasn’t going to be an episode this weekend anyway, so it doesn’t affect much. But it’d have been preferable to have that week buffer so I could more readily prepare March of the Magical Girls.

It was, frankly, a miracle that I was able to crank out that episode and the first chapter of Burning Sky, both of which were completed on the day they were posted when they were actually set up to be finished far in advance.

Will this week go better? I certainly hope so. But I’m very much dreading the possibility of the contrary. If nothing else, March of the Magical Girls should start fine. The script for the first episode is ready so I should have everything I need for that in time to put the episode together. And barring a bit of research I have to do for a couple of the other episodes, it shouldn’t be difficult keeping this little event on track. Here’s hoping.