Consider Me Excited! – Writer’s Journal

All right! It’s been a while, so it’s time to update everyone on what I’ve been up to. Here we go.

This time the lack of updates has actually been for a good reason. I have been busy. Extremely, almost overwhelmingly… busy. So I’ll crack everything open, one at a time and save the best thing for last.


You should all be aware of The Bulletoon Experiment, by now. Well, that’s still a developing project that isn’t quite ready to make its full debut yet. I’ve gone ahead and gotten a lot of it out of the way, of course. I’ve set up Rori on all our Social Media. And our team’s busy at work, putting together a backlog of content for us to launch with. It’s just around the corner now. The project fully launches sometime in February or March, likely after the last few episode of Season 5 of Bulletoon have aired, provided Riley’s voice actress is feeling well enough to produce those episodes in that time. I won’t belabor you all with the details of that again, but please do wish her well. She’s a wonderful, friendly, and fun person who we’re definitely thrilled to work with and we just want her to make a full recovery from what’s been ailing her. With that said, we’ll be releasing our official new launch schedule around the time those last episodes air, then we’ll be getting things fully underway. There will be a few more posts, I’m sure, just to tide you all over. But nothing on the level of consistency we’re aiming for once the site is fully back.

Also on this note, the site’s aesthetic changes aren’t entirely complete. There’s still one more thing. At some point in the near future, we will be updating the banner to include all three of the girls. So look forward to that.


It’s strange to write this as a separate topic, considering what’s happening over on the site, but the show really is its own entity that warrants discussing independently in some respects. There are some plans underway for the show. After this season wraps, we’re going to immediately begin work on March of the Magical Girls, which will likely be a somewhat smaller event than before. This is partially because, yes, the voice actress for Riley is not yet back to 100% and we really don’t wanna push her to do anything that puts undue strain on her. But it’s also because of time. Simply put, we’re going to be doing a lot, this year, and we need to be able to take as much time as we can to work on those other projects. We’re already slightly behind, as it is. So what will this year’s event entail? I’m uncertain. That’s how behind we are. But there is one thing that’s pretty much a lock and it involves a collaboration. In terms of the anime being featured, the only guarantee is that you can expect the return of Symphogear. So Stay Toon’d!

In regards to the longer-term plans for the show, we will be working on getting Rori to appear, at least in the occasional episode, as the year progresses. But don’t expect that any time soon. Just for reference, it took us something like two months to fully confirm the voice actresses for Rila and Riley once we started looking for them. And we haven’t started looking for Rori yet. It’s just not the highest of priorities. But keep an eye out because she may show up sooner than you expect.


There isn’t much to discuss on this front, but the project has been going well. I’m maybe a little under halfway through the first planned volume of this story. It’s an ambitious one, mind you. Perhaps not as ambitious as the rest of my projects, but it’s ambitious nonetheless. As of writing this, I’ve just recently published the 11th chapter. My buffer’s now basically gone because of things I’ve had to be focused on for the past few weeks, but I expect I’ll be able to pretty easily correct that soon. I should be up to 13 or 14 soon. But I expect there may be a delay as I want to take some time to rebuild that buffer, before I start posting again. That said, I’ve also made the decision to stop posting the early reader chapters since I originally only intended to do that for the first arc (for reference, we’re on arc 3, at this time) and was only using them as a way to drum up interest. I’m also pulling the project from WebNovel. I just don’t particularly like the platform and things I’ve been hearing and researching about it have been very unflattering. With that said, you can still find EXTRA/NORMAL on,, and

In regards to the YOU DECIDE initiative, one of the projects I’ve been working on has caused a very slight delay in that, as you can see. Originally I was planning to produce the artwork for Ragyou within the last days of the month while the poll was running for the next character. However, I had another project that required artwork and due to there being a deadline on this one that I didn’t impose, I had to make the choice between the two pieces. As a result, the Ragyou artwork should come out in these first days of February. But I expect you’ll be fine with that once you see what’s caused this delay. But that announcement will have to wait for another day. Fret not, however, that day shall come very, very soon.

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