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Voyager explores more anime on this site than he probably would on his main site and talks about it in a more casual, candid fashion. This exploring Voyager’s tastes also beyond what he’d likely ever talk about on GT.

Binging Symphogear (First Third) | Anime Voyage

Sci-Fi Battle Magical Girls + Bangin’ Music? Sign Me Up!

So This Is An Anime Blog, Right | Anime Voyage

Right… whoops. Well, kinda. Guess I’ll just go ahead and address this, then. Yep. And I’m gonna start taking advantage of that now, I suppose. The daily journaling thing is just not working out for me. I don’t think about things on profound enough…

Why I’m Probably Never Going To Finish SAO – Anime Voyage

At the risk of making some enemies, here’s this.Spoiler Alert: It’s not the reason you probably think.