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Consider Me Excited! – Writer’s Journal

All right! It’s been a while, so it’s time to update everyone on what I’ve been up to. Here we go.

EXTRA/NORMAL | Chapter 11 – First Lesson

Ms. Kelly has taken on the task of preparing the girls for the Royale. But are they prepared for her training? Well, perhaps some help is in order.

EXTRA/NORMAL | Chapter 10 – Tutor

Ms. Kelly’s test of the Going-Home Club continues. With the Queens of the First-Years out of the way, all that’s left is the Invisible Girl.

EXTRA/NORMAL | Chapter 9 – Curiosity

The girls’ homeroom teacher, Ms. Kelly, is still coming to grips with her students being caught up in all of this. But what can she possibly do about it?

EXTRA/NORMAL | Chapter 8 – Worker and Queen

The Going-Home Club has been assembled, featuring an unlikely alliance. But what’s in store for its members, now? The beginning of a brand new arc!

December EXTRA/NORMAL Poll Results

And the winner of the December EXTRA/NORMAL “Choose Your Character” Poll Is…!

EXTRA/NORMAL | Chapter 7 – The Bee and the Butterfly

The Academy’s most turbulent rivalry comes to a head as the Royale pits Diana and Charlotte against one another. What will be the outcome?

Web Fiction Support | Small Creator Features

Let’s show the small creators some love.

The EXTRA/NORMAL “You Decide!” December Poll!

Time to begin the EXTRA/NORMAL “You Decide” Initiative! Choose Your Character!

EXTRA/NORMAL | Chapter 6 – Superior

Mio and Ragyou have already seen the Queen Bee in action. Now they stumble upon the Lady Butterfly? How will this develop?