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The EXTRA/NORMAL “You Decide!” Initiative

How would you like to decide the next awesome piece of artwork for EXTRA/NORMAL? Well, I’m setting something up to let you do exactly that!

EXTRA/NORMAL | Chapter 5 – Sting

It’s official. Mio now has an ally for the Royale. But when she reaches school the next morning, she finds that they aren’t the only ones from their class participating.

Time for an EXTRA/NEWS Bulletin

I promised an announcement. So here ya go!

EXTRA/NORMAL | Chapter 4 – Alliance

Kikuchi Ragyou – the Queen of the Gals – has asked Mio, of all people, to be allies in the Royale. But… why?

So What IS Your Favorite Genre, Voyager?

Huh. I didn’t expect to have such a hard time answering this.

Where Are The Updates? – Writer’s Journal

Yeah, it’s been a while. I’d love to say I have a particularly good reason, but…

EXTRA/NORMAL | Chapter 3 – The Three Idiots

The day after her introduction to the Royale, Mio struggles with her feelings on the matter. And an unexpected gift doesn’t make things easier.

EXTRA/NORMAL | Chapter 2 – To Make A Safer City

Mio finds herself in a tense situation after getting “Enrolled” in the city’s Royale Initiative. And to make matters worse, her first opponent is…


I may be a little excited…

EXTRA/NORMAL – Path to Publication

‘ello ‘ello. As promised, here’s a bit of an update on my latest solo project!