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A place for regular journal entries, following Voyager’s thoughts and exploring his emotions.

Writing update (6/15/2020)

Back to the grind.

Writing Update (6/14/2020)

Why not? Let’s check in on our progress, so far, shall we?

I’m at a loss (6/6/2020)

This just isn’t working.

Time For A Writing + Anime Update!

Haven’t done a proper update (or a post in general) in a while. So let’s do that!

Would You Wanna Be an Early Reader for a Brand New Character?

I did promise this, did I not?

Do You Listen To Music When You Write?

I do. So I was wondering is anyone else did?

Post Something, They Said. Doesn’t Matter What, They Said. (4/12/2020)

Okay. Journaling. I got this. PMA. Positive Mental Attitude. Right.

All Right. I Gotta Be Honest Here. (3/1/2020)

I’m gonna level with everyone, here. This past week? Sucked. Suuuper sucked. It was awful. And I hated it. Oh, sure, there were highlights. And I will get to that in another post I’ve got coming up on the main site. But, outside of… Continue Reading “All Right. I Gotta Be Honest Here. (3/1/2020)”

“How Do You Deal With Burnout?” (2/21/20)

It’s an apt question I’ve seen floating around in certain circles. Anyone can run into the problem, of course. Overwork is overwork and getting overwhelmed by something done consistently can certainly happen in any endeavor. I’m not sure I’m the best person to speak… Continue Reading ““How Do You Deal With Burnout?” (2/21/20)”

Protected: Ah. It’s Happening Again. (2/1/2020)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.