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A place for regular journal entries, following Voyager’s thoughts and exploring his emotions.

Time To Set Some Writer Goals (12/9/2019)

All right. It’ll probably technically be up late, but whatever. I wanna get to a point where I can do this daily. So let’s see what I can come up with.

This One’s On Time! Let’s Talk About Anime (12/7/2019)

I joke, but that first part may as well be screamed from the mountaintops.

Aaah. I Keep Forgetting To Do This (12/6/2019)

Looks like you’re getting TWO posts today. Shock and Awe!

And This Is The Result Of Me Getting In My Own Head (12/4/2019)

I’ve done some thinking, and I believe it’s time I started doing things a bit differently, now.

Am I Doing The Journaling Thing Right Yet? (12/3/2019)

Not gonna lie. Today’s not been excellent for me.

A Chill Day + Should I Do A Tag? (11/21/2019)

Starting to get used to this. Now if I could just remember to post these at a better hour of the day.

A Lack of Feeling & Posting Anxiety (11/20/2019)

Okay. Maybe a little format, this time.

A Pretty Uneventful Day (11/19/2019)

Am I doing this right? Well, whatever.

A First Foray Into Journaling (11/18/2019)

I… have no idea what I’m doing.