Category: Wandering Thoughts

Occasional thoughts on other things, like video games, movies, etc. Essentially, posts on any media that isn’t anime or anything that doesn’t qualify for a journal entry. Essentially random media musings.

When It Rains, It Pours

Or so the saying goes. Of course, sometimes it’s not rain, so much as a fire hose. And sometimes you’ve helped to turn that hose on yourself.

So What IS Your Favorite Genre, Voyager?

Huh. I didn’t expect to have such a hard time answering this.

Concocting a Fun Power System

I decided to refine Burning Sky’s Power System, recently, and this topic crossed my mind!

What are My Favorites Kinds Of Stories, I Wonder.

Let’s see if I can ramble my way to an answer!

Determining the Length of Our Webnovels

The ideal length of the average chapter is a concept the eludes many an established author… and we’re just some scrubs on the internet.

Do You Listen To Music When You Write?

I do. So I was wondering is anyone else did?

Deciding the Pace of my Writing.

To Write Slow Or To Write Fast, That Is The Question

Blogger Recognition Award

Ah. Senpai noticed me… multiple senpais, apparently.

“Why do you write mostly female characters?” …I’unno.

No, seriously. Not a clue.

Why Do You Play A Character On Galvanic?

Ah. Here’s that question.