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Exactly what it says on the tin. A place for updates on current and upcoming projects.

Writer’s Journal – Meeting Day!

Today was pretty eventful. Not so much in writing, but in other areas, both related and unrelated. So let’s review.

Writer’s Journal – A Long Day, A Long Video

All right. Let’s see what I managed to get done today.

Writer’s Journal – The Marathon Edit

Fret not, Best Boi is coming soon to a YouTube channel near you.

Writer’s Journal – Inaugural post

‘Bout time I figured out how to manage posts here with some regularity. So let’s do that, yeah?

Time For A Writing + Anime Update!

Haven’t done a proper update (or a post in general) in a while. So let’s do that!

Time for a Writing Progress Report

I’ve been wanting to try handling these writing updates as bulk posts about multiple projects, rather than separating them. So I’ll do a trial here. See how it works out.

Want an Early-Bird Preview? – Project Academia

While I may be approaching PROJECT ACADEMIA with a bit more of a casual attitude in terms of the process, I still want to extend it some level of luxuries enjoyed by our bigger projects.


Wouldn’t you like to know more about the tentatively titled PROJECT ACADEMIA? Well, here’s your first look at what to expect. A look at our protagonist – Mio.

Do You Keep Writer Goals? – Project Update

This has been an interesting experiment, I think.

So, What Would You Guys Be Interested In? – Project Update

Consider this an open forum, if you will. And unofficial edition of “I’m Curious!”