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Binging Symphogear (First Third) | Anime Voyage

Sci-Fi Battle Magical Girls + Bangin’ Music? Sign Me Up!

The Disconnect in Discussion of Anime

Guess you’re getting two posts today. Rejoice.

So This Is An Anime Blog, Right | Anime Voyage

Right… whoops. Well, kinda. Guess I’ll just go ahead and address this, then. Yep. And I’m gonna start taking advantage of that now, I suppose. The daily journaling thing is just not working out for me. I don’t think about things on profound enough…

Put a Tune to It! A Very Musical Tag!

Uh… well, this is going to be interesting.

Why I’m Probably Never Going To Finish SAO – Anime Voyage

At the risk of making some enemies, here’s this.Spoiler Alert: It’s not the reason you probably think.

Getting to Know: Voyager

Oy. I never know how to handle these. All right, here goes. But let me be clear. This is not my professional bio. That would be HERE, if you were more interested in it. Now then…

Welcome to the Blog!

And so begins a new venture.