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Ghost Light Exorcist Quick Updates

This is a quick one.

My Inspirations: Ghost Light Exorcist

Ah, the eternal question for us writers… also probably the one we least want to be asked.

So, Where Are We At? | Writer’s Journal

Hi. Figure I owe you another one of these, so let’s go.

When It Rains, It Pours

Or so the saying goes. Of course, sometimes it’s not rain, so much as a fire hose. And sometimes you’ve helped to turn that hose on yourself.

My Original Web Novels – An Open Invitation

Time to get the community involved!

New Web Novel Out Now! – Ghost Light Exorcist

The world around you is more beautiful than you know. And far more frightening. Behold the realm of spirits with Kamimura Kitsu as she begins her journey in my new OELN, Ghost Light Exorcist

Ghost Light Exorcist – Cover Reveal

You’ve seen the logo, now check out the new cover!

Ghost Light Exorcist – Logo Reveal

Well, this isn’t really what I expected, but I’ll certainly make due!

Big Ghost Light Exorcist News On The Horizon!

Shall we visit my latest project? I think we shall.

I Won A Contest! – Announcing Ghost Light Exorcist

Voyager’s Next Super Secret Project?!